bleach salon have just released their debut beauty collection

And you need it all right now.

Georgie Wright

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There are few people who can lay claim to running their fingers through the perfectly coiffed curls crowning Harry Styles' sweet, sweet head, but the girls behind London's favourite salon, Bleach -- Alex Brownsell and twin sisters Sam and Louise Teasdale -- actually can. The trio started the cult salon in Dalston in 2010 and have since amassed stores in Soho and Topshop Oxford Circus, a hair product line sold across the UK, branded condoms, and the gratitude of every person under 35 (and some over) who wants more hair colour options than that bit in B&Q where they have the paint samples.

But hold onto your liquid eyeliner because now they're bringing their bright highlights to the beauty world too. The pair have just launched their debut make up collection online and in store, produced with the aid of with make up artiste to le stars, Lou. There's bright lipsticks, sparkly lipsticks, and sparkly eyeshadow. There's cheek cream and body cream and, if you visit their Soho store, even the chance to make your own custom body glitter -- which is as close to an adult version of the Willy Wonka factory as we'll ever get.

What there isn't? Guilt -- all the packaging is made with recycled and eco friendly materials. There also probably won't be much stock left if their site crashing popularity is anything to go by, so get your rainbow fix quick folks. 

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