'birds in the trap': watch travis scott’s epic short film

Travis Scott and director Fleur Fortuné imagine a sci-fi afterlife with robotic corpses and angelic witnesses.

by Charlotte Gush
14 March 2017, 3:03pm

Travis Scott is celebrating the success of his 2016 album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight by releasing a 14-minute video epic. "With close to a billion album streams and a top ten most streaming album of all-time with Apple, we feedin' the streets again TONIGHT!," Scott tweeted ahead of the film's release.

Birds in the Trap, directed by Fleur Fortuné (who also did Drake's "Energy" promo), opens with Travis picking fights at a party, being generally a bit of a dick to his girlfriend, and driving around, picking up and dropping off friends as album track "Sweet Sweet" plays. A too-tasty-to-concentrate hot dog precipitates his clearly impending demise, from which the video plunges into a dream state, an afterlife perhaps, or somewhere on the journey there.

As album opener "The Ends" plays, Travis moves around an urban dystopia, discovering robotic corpses and angelic witnesses, and a kind of sci-fi death, re-rendered as a Bane/Dr. Doom type character. It's pretty cool. Check out the teaser, below, and watch the full thing on Apple Music (and probably other places soon).


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