​gosha is going back to russia to show his spring/summer 18 collection

Following last season’s Kaliningrad spectacular, Gosha’s homecoming tour continues with a trip to St Petersburg.

by Felix Petty
26 April 2017, 5:25pm

During last season's menswear shows, Gosha managed to convince the fash pack to ditch their usual schedules and make a quick stop off at Russian enclave of Kaliningrad for his autumn/winter 17 collection, the first part of his collaboration with adidas ahead of the Russian World Cup in 2018.

Kaliningrad was perfect for expressing something Gosha represents; a city that's been both Russian and German, the most westerly part of the east, the most eatern part of the west. A space of geopolitical tension, but also something that represents a shared history. Or as he said to us at the time, "If you think about Russia you think about politics. It's more interesting for me to invite you here and show you what Russia is, rather than showing you in Paris."

Well next season we've got part two coming, and Gosha's taking us even deeper into Mother Russia, with a trip to St Petersburg being slipped into the menswear agenda on Friday 9th June. That's all the info we have at the moment, though that's all you need really.

In the meantime why don't you read the coverage of the Kaliningrad show from the Spring Issue of i-D.


Text Felix Petty
Photography Sasha Mademuaselle

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