​whatever the weather, nikelab acg updates have you covered

Winter is coming, and if you believe the forecasters, it could be colder and bleaker than ever. Rather than reach for remnants of the House Stark wardrobe for protection, embrace your inner tech ninja as NikeLab unveil the fourth season of the revamped...

by i-D Staff
02 December 2015, 3:33pm

"The city is the ultimate landscape," explains NikeLab Senior Design Director Jarrett Reynolds. "It's home to a number of different activities and microclimates". He has a point. Everyday realities regularly shift from biking through blizzards one moment, to being packed like sardines for a sauna tube trip the next. Your wardrobe needs to evolve accordingly. The succinct promise to "adapt, protect and move," echoes throughout the collection. "The NikeLab ACG collection is designed specifically to enable movement and provide weather protection for whatever the city throws at you". Designed as an all-day sport-utility system, the Holiday 2015 NikeLab ACG collection combines ACG's outdoor legacy and a function-meets-street aesthetic with sport style innovations in outerwear and footwear. For example, the NikeLab ACG 2-in-1 Long Bomber Jacket introduces a strap system that allows the wearer to wear it like a backpack when moving from outdoors to indoors. Perfect for those cosy tube rides. This is All Conditions Gear after all and from strategically placed pockets to joints articulation, the collection is testament to the happy marriage between NikeLab and Acronym's Errolson Hugh.

"The purpose of all our collaborations is to learn. If we're not learning, we're working with the wrong people," Jarrett adds. That's not an issue with Errolson Hugh. Since its inception in 2002, his Berlin-based design studio has demonstrated an unrelenting obsession with functionality, working directly with materials until the desired solution is achieved. "We always use technology as a function quality, it has to create a tangible benefit" notes Errolson. There is never any compromise. It is this shared passion for utility-led design that continually sparks this creative coming together with NikeLab for ACG. "Combining Errolson's expertise with our materials and understanding of the body in motion, when those two world's collide, really interesting things happen".

The NikeLab ACG Holiday 2015 collection will be available beginning December 3 online and select NikeLab retailers.