s4u are the new london collective resurrecting the best of 90s rnb

It's something for you! Meet the girls and take an exclusive look at their nostalgia-tinged first video.

by Francesca Dunn
12 September 2016, 11:59pm

S4U (Something For You) are the London collective headed up by the rather brilliantly named Rosita Bonita and Prinz George. They met a while ago and lost touch before finding their way back to each other via a series of coincidences that Prinz credits to fate and Rostia, cosmic alignment. Influenced by the sounds and styles of the 90s, their first complete audio-visual release comes directed by Prinz George and is full of bucket hats, ski masks, baby blue bomber jackets and really awesome dance routines choreographed by Rosita Bonita. It's super lo-fi, completely addictive and we've got the exclusive. Press play and get to know S4U…

Hi Rosita Bonita and Prinz George. Could you talk us through your major influences?
PG: We're really influenced by the sounds of the 90s. There's a wealth of innovation there. It's embedded somewhere deep into this project, whilst not encompassing the entire vision. We like to take bits here and there. The creative process is pretty loose...

TLC, Destiny's Child, All Saints… who would win in a fight?
PG: Couldn't even begin to image these queens in a fight. Borderline sacrilege and all.
RB: We do not condone divisions.

Where in London are you from? What's the best thing about your neighbourhood?
PG: East. 24-hour corner shops and record stores.
RB: Sao D Ford. The sounds.

Who produced Twice?
PG: Twice. Like all our records, it's a S4U production. We make everything ourselves, in-house.

Could you tell us a little bit about the video shoot?
RB: A snowball effect.

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forest his soul?
PG: Such a beautiful quote and so relevant now especially.

Are there any stand-out dance routines from your childhood?
PG: Usher, U-turn.
RB: Me and my girls have been staging walls to JT and Liberty X.

Which is the best music video dance routine of all time?
RB: Aaliyah, Rock the Boat.
PG: Janet Jackson, Rhythm Nation.

Will there be routines at live shows too?
RB: If the cosmos align we imagine dance to take the position it deserves.

What do you never have to think twice about?
The one that springs to mind first is: a good bottle of Malbec when listening to John Coltrane.
RB: Leaving serpents undefeated.

If the track was part of a movie soundtrack, which movie would/should it be?
PG: The opening scene to BELLY where Nas and DMX get out of cars in slow motion and enter the most neonised strip club ever.
TB: Death Proof.

What can we expect from your forthcoming music?
PG: Exploration.


Text Francesca Dunn