'donnie darko' is back in ultra high-def and more mind melting than ever

Watch the first trailer for a newly restored version of the cult sci-fi classic before it returns to theaters.

by Emily Manning
17 November 2016, 5:55pm

Break out that bunny suit (or Sparkle Motion leotard) and crank up the Joy Division: after 15 years, Richard Kelly's supernatural mind trip is coming back to U.K. theaters in December.

The cult classic makes its return in stunning 4K resolution (a technical term for ultra high definition) thanks to the British Film Institute's restoration efforts. Yesterday, the BFI unveiled the first trailer for the 4K version. While the supernatural special effects look even more mind-melting, all of the nostalgic elements that have made the film so enduring remain in all their 80s glory.

Set to Echo & The Bunnymen's seminal "The Killing Moon," (just one facet of a simply phenomenal soundtrack that also includes Joy Division, Tears for Fears, and Duran Duran), the trailer collects some of the film's most memorable images — from Sparkle Motion's "Notorious" dance routine to Drew Barrymore's moody English teacher. While scenes from Jim Cunningham's motivational "Controlling Fear" assembly also appear in the new trailer, unfortunately, they are not of Donnie telling Jim he thinks he's "the fucking antichrist," or of child Ashley Tisdale's iconic cameo. (If you missed it the first time, that is reason enough to see this movie again).

The newly restored Donnie Darko will make its premiere at the BFI on December 17, accompanied by a Q&A with writer-director Richard Kelly, who possesses many time travel secrets. It's been reported that a nationwide U.K. theatrical run is set to follow, beginning on December 23. 


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