jaden smith didn’t wear a dress to prom

He did break out that white Batman costume again, though.

by Emily Manning
18 May 2015, 9:50pm

Image via @pleiadianmessage

Most prom-bound teenage boys suffer through a fitting at their local mall's Men's Warehouse, selecting any rental tux that doesn't look like a Dumb and Dumber cast off before booking it to Lids or if they're edgy, Hot Topic (without mom). Jaden Smith is not most teenage boys.

In fact, the free-spirited elder Smith skipped the whole tux thing entirely for his prom this weekend, instead breaking out the all-white Batman look he debuted at Kimye's wedding last year. The 16-year-old has a penchant for super looks: he's taken to the streets dressed as Iron Man, he and Willow have shown up on a red carpet clad in kimonos, and he made headlines with the dress he rocked last month.

Image via @meccandcheese

While it definitely would have been a big win for the fashion industry's agender advocates to see Jaden swervin' in a Hood by Air or Givenchy frock on the dance floor, the Margiela equivalent of a superhero costume is cool by us, too. 


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