online exclusive: check out gray sorrenti’s debut magazine editorial for 'moodboard'

The photographer teen daughter of Mario Sorrenti shoots her NY crew for the first edition of offline-only print magazine 'Moodboard.'

by Charlotte Gush
06 September 2016, 1:17pm

Since telling i-D a year ago of her ambition to follow in her father Mario's footsteps and become a photographer, 15 year old Gray Sorrenti has been busy making it happen. Her debut magazine editorial appears in the first ever issue of Moodboard, a new print magazine from London-based stylist and art director Jeanie Annan Lewin.

The theme of Moodboard Issue 1 is 'Your culture' and Sorrenti responded by shooting three New York cool kids from her circle of friends. i-D caught up with the young photographer to find out more...

How did the project come about?
Jeanie contacted me through social media asking if I would be interested in contributing in her new magazine, Moodboard. I immediately fell in love with her ideas, style, and dope vibes.

What was the concept for the shoot?
Jeanie was open to anything and gave me complete freedom of expression. Which I think is rare, when you are working with a publication. My only guideline was making it somewhat autobiographical, pertaining to my culture and growing up in NYC. I really appreciated Jeanine's sense of quality, love for pictures, and her interest in someone as young as me and my point of view.

The casting is great. Tell us more about it.
I collaborated with my friends! Each of them has very unique style and independent views. I wanted to capture them at this moment. All of them are teenagers, born and raised in New York city, living the dream, doing their thing, creating, and growing up in these crazy, beautiful, chaotic times.

Lily is 17, super smart, and grew up in Soho. She is an intense, alternative beauty; she's well read and studies theater, filmmaking, and art. She is my brother Arsun's first love, so we have a nice connection. Naguaga is brilliant in all ways. He is a singer in a band called RAAA. His energy on stage is mesmerizing. He's 17, born in Brooklyn, and is probably one of the [most] focused people I know. Ruby Rose is 15 studying acting at a performing arts school in NYC. I meet her on the street and was captivated by her eye.

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Text Charlotte Gush
Photography Gray Sorrenti, courtesy Moodboard

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