lena dunham explains why feminism is bigger than beyoncé

The ‘Lenny’ editor shares some lightning quick musings on gender equality in a lols new video.

by Emily Manning
23 October 2015, 4:55pm

Lena Dunham's latest lesson on feminism is a good bit shorter than her long-form sit down with bae (aka Hillary Clinton) for her newsletter, Lenny. Although this new video clocks in at roughly one minute (a speed second only to Girls princess Shoshanna's infamous crackcident), it's never-the-less an important primer for those deterred by feminism's more complex discourse. In it, Dunham shares eight simple thoughts on gender equality -- from funny fashion to FKA Twigs.

Filmed during Vanity Fair's New Establishment Summit, the video opens with Dunham dispelling misconceptions about the meaning of what she notes is a Beyoncé-approved movement. "Feminism doesn't mean that you want to take a stake and kill all the men and create your own planet," Dunham says. "It means that you believe you deserve all the same things that people who were born not of your gender deserve."

She then outlines the reasons she believes feminism's fashion moments are worthy of serious lols: "even as much as I admire the suffragettes, just like seeing a bunch of women getting arrested in petticoats is hilarious, and seeing a bunch of women growing their armpit hair as a rebellious act is hilarious." More meaningfully, Dunham explains that any women's wardrobe choices -- nipple tape and booty shorts included -- should be supported by feminists, "even if you can't imagine yourself in her shoes."

The director and Lenny editor also cycles through her thoughts on a certain family -- "I have no feminist issue with the Kardashians. It's not my place to judge the Kardashians, it's my place to enjoy the beauty that they're bringing to the table" -- what FKA twigs has in common with her grandma (hint: icon), and the state of future feminist political affairs: "I think in 2025, feminism is no longer a dirty word and we're probably on our second female president."

On the subject of female presidents, Dunham's support is still with Hillary, unless "there's a real last minute dash by Viola Davis." Dunham herself won't be running for president, citing her "long history of public nudity" as her chief obstacle. 


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