model frank nadolny shares behind the scenes snaps of his first fashion week

Get to know the rising menswear model and musician who got booted from his local lifeguard job for going on too many castings as he shares candid shots and earnest advice for fellow newcomers.

by Frank Nadolny
15 July 2016, 4:05pm

My parents named me after the 19th-century outlaw Frank James (brother of Jesse). I was born in Santa Monica, California and now live in a small desert town northeast of LA. I'm 19 now, and I've been modeling since I was 15; I wanted to be a car designer when I was little. One of my first shoots was with Hedi Slimane for Monster Children — that was a cool experience because I look up to him and all he's accomplished; he made it so easy and fun. One of the weirdest projects was a shoot where I was dressed as a modern day Where's Waldo! We shot in Venice Beach with Daniel Scott and had a blast. It's cool when you are on projects and make friends for life. Right now I am modeling full time — I had a short time where I was a local lifeguard but was always having to get my shift covered for castings and go see calls; my boss hated me, I got fired. My best pals in the industry are Jack Page and David Friend. I'm really into music — it all ties together with fashion; Thousanban Fauni is fire. In my down time, I make music and skateboard. It's lit.

Do these pants make my butt look big?

This was my first NYFW ever, and it went almost exactly how I expected — I wasn't anxious or scared. I've been crashing in Brooklyn while I'm here; the best thing about this area is Brooklyn itself, but the L train is the worst. I did the Linder and Tim Coppens shows as well as the Chapter and Matiere presentations. My favorite was Tim Coppens because I looked like someone from The Matrix. I don't do much to prepare for the shows,just get there on time. I'm one of those fortunate people that's naturally skinny, and I eat a lot of stuff I probably shouldn't all the time. As corny as it sounds, for those doing fashion shows or anything in the model world for their first time — the key to success is to always be yourself, no matter what. Real recognize real.

Alien kid spotted at the Chapter show. 

Going to castings in Walmart glasses. 

Here I am at the Matiere presentation. 

It's laundry day. 

When you're the only cyborg in the photo; trying to blend in at Tim Coppens show. 

Summer feels.

Sneaking a sip at the Chapter show. 

Got a donut and I saw a cool car, lol. 


Text and Photography Frank Nadolny at Ford Models
Lead image courtesy Tim Coppens 

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