go behind the scenes of beyoncé's balmain and latex-filled 'formation' wardrobe

The Queen's killer 'Formation' tour looks involve trips to Mexico and dying fishnet tights in giant crock pots.

by Hannah Ongley
19 July 2016, 8:56pm


Beyoncé could have worn a selection of different Walmart kaftans on her "Formation" tour and she'd still be selling out stadiums, but that's not how the Queen operates. The "Formation" wardrobe is not only her most decadently fashion-forward and expensive yet, but also the most meaningful, drawing on the same themes of oppression and empowerment than ran through Lemonade. "The process for designing this tour came from the beginning of the project, which was the movie," says costume designer Marni Senofonte in a new behind-the-scenes video posted on Beyoncé's Facebook page. "There was a very antebellum feel to the film, we went back to New Orleans, we had this Victorian streetwear."

Senofonte and Bey called on designers including Givenchy, Balmain, and Zana Bayne for a luxe selection of everything from bodysuits to bondagewear. Their milliner even traveled to Mexico to source those huge sombrero hats. "Nowhere in the world do they make these hats," says Senofonte while a fresh-faced Beyoncé bobs her head up and down in a red version. "This hat maker literally drove to Mexico to buy sombreros." The rest of the looks involve similarly entrepreneurial craft projects — in the video, one of Senofonte's assistants can be seen dying fishnet tights in a crock pot to make them match the dancers' different skin tones, while another rips holes in the armpits of bodysuits to allow for movement. 


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