Harry Carr

mfw: emporio armani spring/summer 15

From the azure sea of the Amalfi Coast to the colour of their football shirts Emporio Armani was run through with the Italian love affair with the colour blue.

by Anders Christian Madsen
19 September 2014, 11:10am

Harry Carr

If Giorgio Armani has been listening to late-90s Italian Europop, well, it would be amazing, but as much as some of us wanted it to be the case, his Emporio Armani collection - titled Blue@ - was hardly based on the musical milestones of Eiffel 65 and their runaway hit, Blue (Da Ba Dee). God that was a great song - any song that has a second title in brackets always is - and maybe there's just something about Italians and blue. They get it. From the azure sea on the Amalfi Coast to the colour of their national football shirts or the sky in the Sistine Chapel, they're practically blue-blooded from birth, even if they're strictly republican these days.

Emporio Armani Spring/Summer 15

Mr Armani's collection summed up the Italian blues with the kind of sophisticated ease you'd expect from the house of the eagle, in bold maxi stripes, nautical blazers, and all the handsome tailoring Emporio Armani wrote the book on. There were a lot of laissez-faire summertime vibes about the electric blue cocktail dresses that took over the last part of the show, some of which had an almost cyber-sexy feel in all their shiny, metallic sass, which was maybe where that @-sign found its way into the collection's name. There was no Eiffel 65 on the sound system, but that was okay. You can't have too many legends in one room.



Text Anders Christian Madsen
Photography Harry Carr

Emporio Armani
anders christian madsen
harry carr
spring/summer 15