the new notting hill

No one cares about Peckham art squats or Dalston door bitches anymore… everyone wants to be young, rich, hot and living in West London. Staring at the blank page before you, open up the dirty window, reaching for something in the distance, so close you...

by Dean Kissick
01 July 2014, 8:30pm

Photography Oliver Hadlee Pearch. Bella wears jumper Lyle & Scott 1960 Collection. Skirt Vionnet. Columba wears suit and necklace Chanel.

What's the best thing about West London?
"There are some lovely roof terraces." Chingis Guirey, 22, in his third year of architecture school
"Boom Burger." Evie Henderson, 17, currently at drama school
"I read that Beyoncé is moving here." Fabian Wood, 20, works, writes, plots ways of conquering the world
"Babe Heaven my friend Nancy's band." Tegen Williams, 21, works for our photographer Ollie and studies at Camberwell 

Alice wears dress Balenciaga. Boots Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane. All jewellery model's own. 

Where is your favourite place to go out?
"Visiting a place called Music and Video Exchange Notting Hill with my dad. It's a good place for finding rare music and DVDs." Daniel, 16, still at school
"It's all about the daytime in Notting Hill. Portobello and Golborne Road on a Friday morning are my favourite places to be. Big family lunches with my six siblings and friends and parents, the table always grows, it's very Italian in a way." Ithaka Roddam, 24, photographer and cook
"The Coronet Cinema because it's cosy." Josh Nickerson, 21, art student
"Coronet cinema for £3.50." Lily Ashley, 21, directs plays and films
"Portobello/Ladbroke Grove. Just a good place to go for a day out with your mates." Lolita (Lola) Parnell, 17, at school
"Mau Mau's on Portobello, they do wicked hip hop nights." Lucy Lyttelton, 24, works at the Social Eating House restaurant in Soho
"Me and my friends Sidonia and Zazou skateboard down Golborne Road and get custard tarts from Lisboa." Tegen Williams 

Mimi wears dress Lanvin. Polo shirt Lacoste. Boots Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane. Headdress Noel Stewart. Daniel wears jacket Ralph Lauren Black Label. Jeans Pepe Jeans London. Shoes Ralph Lauren.

And to go out on the pull?
"Haha! Where would you go, baby?" Isabella Yentob, 19, English Literature student
"Preferably somewhere with quiche guys." Columba Williams, 17, hangs out with friends and goes to school
"To a place my magic tricks are appreciated." Fabian Wood
"Portuguese Working Men's Club." Ithaka Roddam
"The Globe, The Earl of Lonsdale, The Mitre, The Duke of Welly, McDonalds, Osteria Basilico, E and O, The Arts Club, The Gold, The Elgin… I tend to follow my nose." Josh Nickerson
"Capital VIP all the way of course." Lolita (Lola) Parnell
"I have a place and I'm not saying where." Tegen Williams 

Columba wears dungarees Carhartt WIP x P.A.M. T-shirt Lacoste. Tegen wears dress and headdress Louis Vuitton.

What are your top tips for Carnival?
"Get into your most skimpy and colourful getup, eat as much jerk chicken as you can afford, and if you want to follow floats a nice time is in the morning from Kensal Rise. All Saints Road is always fun and there's a steel drum band rehearsal there a week before which is fantastic!" Isabella Yentob
"Sell, hustle and dance." Alice Gomme, 25, artist and antiques dealer
"Sell laughing gas, people are obsessive." Chingis Guirey
"Have somewhere to go after the sound systems stop. Don't bother trying to get from one side of Notting Hill to the other it will take forever. And dance a lot!" Ithaka Roddam
"Beware of jelly legs." Josh Nickerson
"Don't make any plans and let things ?ow. And I always make some yummy rum cocktail with loads of mint and ice in it." Lucy Lyttelton
"Mix your drinks before you leave and don't stop dancing!" Taja Guirey, 20, works at Tart Bakery and interns at Vicki Sarge
"Get on a float." Tegen Williams 

Fabian wears shirt and tie Margaret Howell. Chingis wears jumper and tie Polo Ralph Lauren. Shirt Margaret Howell. Josh wears shirt and tie Polo Ralph Lauren.

Notting Hill's different because…
"You can't leave the house without bumping into someone; it's a village, a good and a bad one." Alice Gomme
"It has a good amount of blossom trees." Chingis Guirey
"It's got a bit of everything and some of the houses look like wedding cakes." Columba Williams
"It has a bloody Carnival!" Fabian Wood
"It's like a village so everyone knows each other, you cant walk down the street without bumping into at least three people you know. Also the amount of nature, Notting Hill is surrounded by communal gardens and trees which I love." Ithaka Roddam
"I think what sets it apart is that it's a massive melting pot of different cultures and classes but with a bohemian feel." Lolita (Lola) Parnell

Mimi wears coat Prada. Vest Meadham Kirchhoff. Jeans The Contemporary Wardrobe. Ring model's own. Shoes Christian Louboutin. Ithaka wears coat Prada. T-shirt vintage at The Contemporary Wardrobe. Jeans Paul & Joe. Shoes Christian Louboutin.

Taja wears dress Balmain. Shoes Tabitha Simmons.

Evie wears jacket Isabel Marant. Shirt The Costume Studio. Trousers McQ. Lola wears jacket and shirt Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane. Skirt McQ. Lucy wears jacket, body and trousers Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci. Lily wears jacket Yohji Yamamoto. Shirt Erdem.


Text Dean Kissick
Photography Oliver Hadlee Pearch
Styling Max Clark 
Hair Naoki Komiya at Julian Watson Agency.
Make-up Lucy Burt at D+V Management using Dr. Hauschka .
Nail technician Michelle Humphrey at LMC using Maybelline New York.
Casting AAMO.
Photography assistance Tegen Williams, Ana Barreira, Arthur Williams.
Styling assistance Kristofj Von Strass.
Hair assistance Loui Ferry, Carolina Crona, Jodie Austen, Kristopher Smith, Hannah Joyball.
Make-up assistance Layla Mehmedagi, Clare Gregory, Akari Sugino. Photography production Hammer Labs.
Production Sebastian Bailey at CLM Film. Retouching Hammer Labs.
Models Alice Gomme, Bella Yentob, Chingis Guirey, Columba and Tegen Williams, Daniel Pritchard, Evie Henderson, Fabian Wood, Ithaka Roddam, Joshua Nickerson, Lily Ashley, Lola Parnell, Lucy Lyttleton, Mimi Diamond, Taja Guirey.
Special thanks Hannah and Max Weiland, Lily Brown.

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