​chanel to show resort collection in cuba

Although US tourism is still technically illegal...

by Charlotte Gush
28 October 2015, 1:40pm

photography han myung-gu/ getty images

Chanel has announced that its Resort 2017 collection will be shown in May 2016 on the communist Caribbean island of Cuba. From Seoul to Salzburg and Dallas to Dubai, the traveling fashion pack are used to dashing around the globe for Karl's grand presentations, but this particular location is likely to raise some eyebrows here in the US.

When Beyoncé and Jay Z celebrated their wedding anniversary by going on vacation to Cuba in 2013, we marveled at Bey's goddess-like tower of braids and brightly colored, patterned wardrobe. The US state department, however, was slightly more concerned with the fact that it is illegal for American citizens to travel to Cuba for tourism purposes.

US-Cuban relations have improved since 2013: before, you had to get approval for your travel -- with the 12 acceptable reasons including professional research, taking part in a sporting event, performing a concert, doing humanitarian work or taking part in educational activities. Now you can basically self-certify for those, but the fact still remains that tourism is illegal.

The Cuban coastline better get ready for some impeccably dressed American 'volunteers' this time next year!