​grimes goes 'mad max' in new video for 'kill v. maim'

Claire Boucher has proven once more that 'Art Angels' is the album that keeps on giving.

by i-D Staff
19 January 2016, 4:49pm

Basically, stick this video on repeat and everything will feel awesome. Watch as Grimes and her war boys drive through "Kill V. Maim" at turbo speed on their bright pink war rig, weapons in hand and fury in their dance moves. Her Art Angels artwork features throughout in animation form as you fight a losing videogame battle (depleting hearts and all) against the black-winged, Versace sweater-wearing heroine and the best, most badass music video squad we've seen. They're going to the party alright, in fact, they're going to the blood bath demon disco from Blade and damn, it looks fun. Now all we need is a another Mad Max remake with Grimes soundtracking the whole thing instead of that one guy with the guitar

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