the young people of paris sound off after the attacks

A few days after the Paris terrorist attacks on November 13, many people headed to the Place de la République to pay their respects to their city and the dead. We were there to find out how the youth of Paris are coping in the aftermath of the atrocity.

by i-D Staff
18 November 2015, 7:35pm

Camille, 16

Why are you here today?
It's not our district but I'm with Matthieu, my friend and we wanted to take a moment to meditate together.

Because it's tragic. We were not forced to come. But we feel better with people around us.

How do you feel?
A little bit afraid.

Do we need to change something?
No. We can't change madness or people's mind.

Describe Paris in three words?
Beauty, peace, solidarity.

Charlotte, 18

What do you do?
I'm a student at an art school in Paris.

Why are you here?
I'm here to see people, all together. And I also wanted to light a candle there.

Is it important for you?
Yes, very important. It's normal to be there, we have to show the world that we are strong together, that we care for each other.

Do you have anything to say to the world today?
Yes. We have to stay free and care for each others. Let's be united.

What do you hope for people around you?
I want them to fight for what they believe in. They have to keep going.

What does Paris mean to you?
Paris is a beautiful town. We are all different, we are all good. There are so many different cultures in Paris, it's amazing. I just want people to let Paris free.

Maxime, 27

What do you do?
Now, nothing. That's why I'm free to come here.

You think it's important, to be here today?
Yes. I see it as a duty. It's us, it's our people. We have to care for them.

How do you feel today?
Bad, like everyone, right? We are shocked but we have to be strong.

What's your message?
Remain united.

How would you describe Paris in three words?
Freedom. Party. Art.

Many people are going to go out on Friday night to pay tribute to the victims. Will you?
Yes! And I invite people to do the same!

Ousman, 20

What do you do?
I'm studying carpentry at the moment.

Why did you come here today?
I needed to come and gather my thoughts.

What should we do now ?
We need to smile and be happy. We need to get out of our homes. We need to stop selling weapons and we need to gather together and love each other to stop war.

Clara, 18

Do you think it is important to gather here?
I came for the victims. We need to show that we will carry on even if they don't want us to.

What needs to change?
We need to make sure our love is stronger than our angst.

What does Paris represent to you?
Paris represents fun and diversity, and love also -- and we are going to need our love most now.

What do you hope for Paris now?
I want Paris, and France, to remain a place of peace.

Emile, 18

Where are you form?
Antwerp, Belgium.

You have a camera tight around your neck. What would you like to photograph today?
I study photo journalism and so I came here to capture this moment.

How are the attacks perceived abroad?
I couldn't believe what was happening. We are neighboring countries, so you can't help but be scared. A few months ago, we saw the Charlie Hebdo attack on TV, but this time the target was humanity itself.

What does Paris symbolize for you?
Paris is a city that the entire world admires. Everybody wants to go to Paris once. It is a very diverse city, and very free. That is probably the reason why Paris has been the target of such a terrible attack.

Describe Paris in three words?
Champagne, cheese and love! That last word is also part of why they wanted to attack Paris. People love each other and are generally pacifist -- something they wanted to destroy but will never be able to. 


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