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From #ZaynsStrand to #MyCalvins, we round up the memes that have #BrokenTheInternet.

by Greg French
16 March 2015, 2:53pm

The hashtag. It's that inconspicuous, four-linear form that transcends all the world's languages and has infiltrated the everyday like no other symbol. From TV shows, celebrity limbs and pop culture phenomena, the most mundane and the most bizarre have spawned their own hashtag, keeping the world talking, laughing and revolutionizing. That's a pretty powerful tool. So when that hits the world of fashion — another of our global languages — just what do we get…?

Here we go again. That conversation that just won't go away and continues to divide the planet. In mid February, an image of a dress was posted online, with fierce debate as to whether its color was black and blue or white and gold. The confusion soon went viral, with celebrities jumping on board and leading scientists brought in to explain the optical illusion — along with one man who got the dress itself tattooed on his calf. Shouts of rage continue to rip offices apart, with the dress itself selling out multiple times on the original supplier's website. Just for the record — blue and black.

Remember back in 2012 when Angelina Jolie turned up at the Oscars with another one of the world's most talked about dresses. Thanks to a thigh-high slash up the front of the Versace creation, the actress' leg became the talk of the globe, getting its own hashtag and Twitter handle, not to mention an army of memes. Darth Vader, Whistler's mother and The Creation of Adam were just some variations, and don't forget Michelangelo's Pieta.

Valentino's fall/winter 15 show saw the return of two of fashions most notorious characters, as Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson stormed the runway to promote the sequel to the cult classic movie. Whilst some turned their noses up, it's relaxing to know that fashion can find the time to laugh at itself too. It also made a star out of Jerome Jarre, whose phone was snatched out of his hands by Derek during a Vine recording of the show. That video now has over 18 million hits. Maybe there is more to life than being really, really, really ridiculously good looking.

Poor old Madonna took a rather nasty tumble at this year's Brit awards, during the performance of her latest single Living for Love. The fall occurred when the queen of pop's cloak — a creation by Giorgio Armani — failed to untie as one her backing dancers attempted to tear it from her neck. Maybe he took the lyrics of "down on my knees, you know I'll take you there" a little too seriously.

It's actually pretty hard to keep up with the Kardashians of late, with the entire family now somehow involved in some form of internet takeover. Kim "Queen of the Internet" Kardashian kept her crown firmly in place, with her recent set of nude images courtesy of Steven Klein popping up all over the web and keeping Johnson's Baby Oil firmly in business.

Show you off. Tonight I wanna show you off. Pop-rebel Justin Bieber did just that in Calvin Klein's latest underwear campaign, with the help of Dutch model Lara Stone. But hang on — there was just a tad too much packing down below and across the singer's monochrome muscles. Photoshop trickery or a heavy dose of whey protein? Either way, it kept Twitter and Instagram aflutter for several days — and the world posing online in their CK briefs.

The yet-unsung brainchild of editor Catherine Hayward, #DoYouThinkHeWorksInFashion is the satirical question poised by Hayward, alongside photos of questionably clad citizens on her Instagram. Smart, stylish or downright mental — over to us to decide.

Because no top-10 fashion hashtag would be complete without an acronym. As the fashion pack is dragged from city to city, so too are these abbreviations to mark out the offerings from the four major fashion capitals of the world. It's often just about all fashion folk can manage to tag alongside too, in the never-ending three month marathon that make up the bi-annual seasons.

Drake fans unite! Borrowing the lyrics from the rapper's song Fancy #OhYouFancyHuh has been tagged alongside some of the world's hottest and most horrifying outfits in an attempt to demonstrate just how fancy they really are. With models and celebrities using the hashtag too, it shows that all of us have a little vanity when it comes to posting our pics online.

Never before has such a minute section of someone's hair received so much global attention. One Direction singer Zayn Malik actually broke Twitter, with the trending topic hitting number one in over 23 countries. Flopped over his brow like some forlorn Elvis Presley, the singer's hairstyle joined Angelina's thigh as one of so few physical attributes to receive their own hashtag and Twitter handle.


Text Greg French
Photography Mitchell Sams

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