watch ‘stranger things’ as a hilarious and heartbreaking 8-bit video game

The unabashedly 80s Netflix show gets a very condensed, very pixelated, and very emotional remake.

by Hannah Ongley
03 October 2016, 5:04pm

If the Stranger Things creators do end up making the 8-bit Stranger Things game that they lowkey hinted at back in August, it will probably make Pokémon Go look as popular as Apple's pre-installed stock apps. At least if it's half as addictive as this unplayable version created by retro animators David and Henry Dutton. Surprisingly, condensing the first-season fates of Will, Barb, Joyce, and Eleven into just a few pixels and four short minutes sacrifices none of its emotiveness. Ditto with plot lines — if you're one of the few people with an internet connection who hasn't yet watched the already unabashedly nostalgic show, the video is riddled with spoilers. If you have, it's equal parts heartbreaking (watching Eleven stumble across Barb's lifeless body in the Upside Down) and hilarious (implied sex with Steve). Bonus points for the on-point 80s soundtrack. Watch above while waiting and praying for the playable version that will hopefully grant the option of making Nancy not drag Barb to that damn party in the first place. 


Text Hannah Ongley

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