gucci mane’s clothing line will be "somewhere between supreme and vetements"

The beloved Atlanta rapper opens up about starring in Harmony Korine’s forthcoming film with his ‘boy’ James Franco, inking a book deal, and hunting for a Supremely dope creative director.

by Emily Manning
27 September 2016, 12:07am

Earlier this summer, eccentric rap icon Gucci Mane was released from an Indiana penitentiary five months ahead of his scheduled release date, and permitted to serve the remainder of his sentence on house arrest. Lean, sober, and super-focused, Gucci wasted no time ascending to the top of the rap game yet again: he dropped a positively massive album — complete with features from Drake, Kanye, and his protégé, Young Thug. He invited longtime pal Harmony Korine over to his Atlanta palace to try on belts for a short Supreme film. He even reviewed Gucci's latest collection.

As of six days ago, Gucci is officially off house arrest. And if one of his first interviews as a fully free man is anything to go by, he hasn't even made a dent in his empire-building agenda. Beyond musical horizons, Gucci is set to make major impacts in both the film and fashion spheres.

Speaking with GQ, Guwop revealed that Korine's long-rumored Spring Breakers follow-up The Trap will begin filming shortly; it stars Benicio del Toro, Al Pacino, and James Franco (Gucci's Spring Breakers co-star and his "boy"). "Harmony is my close friend, so it was easy. He's super creative. Me and him work good together because we just freestyle shit, both of us don't have no rigid mind state when we bring something to life. I love to act. It was just a great experience being in Spring Breakers, and it was just the beginning," he said, also teasing the release of a forthcoming film he's both producing and acting in — The Spot.

It seems his work with Korine for Supreme — "a legendary brand" — and his all-too-brief stint as an editor has inspired the direction of his soon-to-be-unveiled clothing line, Delantic. Gucci's partner, 300 Management co-founder Todd Moscowitz, calls the label "somewhere between Supreme and Vetements," according to GQ, which also reports that Gucci and Moscowitz are "in the process of onboarding a yet-to-be-named OG streetwear creative director to make it pop." How does Gucci see the garms? "Exclusive. Super trend. Super hip. Well made. Well crafted. Something that you be proud to spend your money on, and when you get it you really got a collectors item." Sounds like Vetements and Supreme's baby, alright.

Keep your eyes here to see what Gucci's got in store for his high-fashion foray. But if you want the full story, you'll have to wait until his memoir is released— he just finalized his first book deal with Simon & Schuster. Welcome back, Wop. 


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