Eats Everything in conversation with Catz 'n Dogz

Touring and train travelling together across Europe, house and techno beat makers Catz 'n Dogz, go head to head in conversation with Eats Everything.

by James Hutchins
21 February 2014, 5:00pm

Catz n' Dogz & Eats Everything

Coming together for their first ever collaborative European club tour, electronic trend defining house producers Catz 'n Dogz, join forces with Bulgarian techno DJ Kink and one man hit maker, Brizzo wideboy - Eats Everything. Travelling the length and breadth of a few blessed countries, the Cats Eats Kink tour kicked off this week at Berlin's prestigious Watergate venue. Ambitious and unbridled, the music these four party-starting, mix-makers bring to the speakers is loud, fast and infectious. The straight through crew know how to crowd please, blending their eclectic, electronic influences, drawing on years of invaluable mix-crafting and featuring any track with a BPM of over 120. Travelling, playing and partying hard together Catz 'n Dogz DJs (Voitek and Greg) and Dan Pearce aka Eats Everything now share decks, pillows and MP3s. We put the lads head to head ahead of their tour finale at London's XOYO to remember their best times spent in the booth, think on tomorrow's sounds and just muse on life.

Eats Everything: Hey you know I was trying to recall the first time we actually met. Was it at Watergate (Berlin)? I just remember Voitek saying "Hey what about that remix you promised!?"
Voitek (Catz 'n Dogz):
 Err I can't remember. Where was it we first met? Watergate? Ahh I do remember, my first impression was that you are an alcoholic!

EE: Yeah it wasn't long after you'd signed Entrance Song was it? 
Yeah we have to thank J.Phlip for hooking us up with that originally. The funny ignorant fact that nobody knows is that for the first two days I was thinking that your name is East Everything -when I was looking for your email I just couldn't find it. 
Greg (Catz 'n Dogz): Yeah, I remember we played Entrance Song at a gig in Barcelona and the crowd they went crazy. Hands in the air. Then we knew we had to find your contact and sign it. 

EE: That's funny because I never used to play Entrance Song you know, I used to always play the B side and it wasn't until it actually came out and everyone was going mental for it that I started to play it. Our relationship has blossomed ever since really hasn't it? You're my favourites! The chemistry really helps us in the studio too...
For me its great to work together in the studio but its also exhausting. I don't know how to explain it. Its just like I still hear Dan's voice for another 10 hours in my head after a studio session. And that's Dan speaking with a Polish accent, of course. 

EE: Yeah but it works really well too. I guess it can get a bit much because we're hyperactive-minded. Especially me. I can become fucking annoying. We can spend like 10 hours in the studio and two of those will be making music. I've got massive ADHD. I'm like the case study of ADHD. So it can be tough but I love working with you guys. 
So would you say your sound has developed since Entrance Song was released?

EE: I would say both our sounds have developed quite similarly over the last sort of two years. Wouldn't you? We play much more techno than we used to. I'm kind of veering away from playing so much bass music, because for me if you carry on playing that one kind of sound then you're going to be left behind. Know what I mean? I'd definitely say we're going down a more techno route. Not 'nails' techno but stuff that's got a swing to it. 
Yeah. Its more a natural progression you know? Its kind of like an artist is always chasing his own tail. Once you really like something then you also start to hate it. It's just natural that when something becomes super popular you get bored of it. 

EE: Now that's a much better way of putting it!
G: We're really excited about this week's CATZ EATZ KiNK Tour. It's worked out perfect. We love hanging out together, playing together and now we have the opportunity to do something like this. Last year when we played back to back at Miami WMC and it was brilliant.  

EE: Yeah it was brilliant and this has worked out well because of my XOYO residency too. This date slots nicely into that. On the last tour we did together we had so much fun. Even just the traveling together on the train between gig, we had just as much fun chatting shit in our cabin as we did playing the nights. So any excuse to get together and talk bollocks basically. 
We've also always wanted to have a live act on the party and we've been trying to put a tour together with KiNK so it's just perfect. We can just play all night with Dan and then KiNK can break it up and play live, and he's amazing. So it's a cool thing for us to do I think. It's inspiring to have him play live on the tour. 

EE: I can't wait to get on the trains. I love trains and hate planes. There's not actually a lot of good things about the travel in this job. I definitely fucking hate planes. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about it, but I've always said that I get paid to make music and travel. Not to DJ. I absolutely love DJ'ing and I'd do it anywhere in the world for free, but you don't make much money from making music. So I look at it as I get paid for my music and the ball ache of traveling. 
V: I actually wouldn't complain because I love traveling. Although the older you get the harder it is to travel a long flight in economy class! 

EE: It's going to be so much fun on the trains, but its not exactly going to be crazy is it? I mean we're not the type of guys who take gurners from the second we meet each other to when we leave and we're not the kind of people to stay up all night long on a drinking sesh. So I don't reckon it's going to be mega crazy on the trains, but it's going to be fucking funny! More relaxing though because we're on the train for the entire time, all sat together talking absolute bollocksHowever, the parties - they are going to be FUCKING WILD!



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