the princess is here, ciara!

Sunday’s front row star at the Calvin Klein Collection show in Milan, Ciara joined her fiancé Future, for Italo Zuchelli’s autumn/winter 14 experience. i-D 1, 2 Stepped backstage to chat CK commercials and Michael Jackson...

by Anders Christian Madsen
13 January 2014, 4:30pm

Ciara at Calvin Klein autumn/winter 14

How did you like the show?
It was amazing. I felt like it was the perfect combination of fresh and classy. Calvin Klein is always classy - class is synonymous with Calvin Klein - but it's just fly, you know?

Any favourites?
I loved the whole throwback with the titles: Eternity and Obsession and all of that. And I kind of feel like I wanna say, "grey is the new black." I think that's a theme here.

What's your earliest memory of Calvin Klein?
Oh my God, it's the commercials! They've just always been known for the best ads of, like, someone in their undies and a tank.

What are you doing in Milan?
I'm actually my fiancé's date here. We're just here for this show and then we're going back home.

What are you doing when you get home?
I'm actually working on my new album. It's really exciting. Beyond that there's a few things in the chamber. I'm getting ready to release a few things creatively. My fans already know about this because I've been tweeting about it, but I'm teaming up with Degree for this campaign called Do More.

What's it about?
It's about inspiring women to do more of what they love, and continuing to encourage women to stay encouraged and be empowered and do what you love. Don't give up.

How do you see fashion at the moment?
Honestly, I'm all about comfort. I'm a tomboy so I'm playing with that part of fashion even more. I'm pushing it out. I'm like, you can wear baggy clothes and still look sexy. Being a tomboy is part of what I do and who I am, so tomboy chic is the theme I kind of go with.

You're very good at reinventing your look.
I'm always trying new things. Just something like wearing shades to a show, I've never done that before. I always feel weird wearing shades the whole time, but I like it! It's comfortable.

It's very Michael Jackson!
Find the inner MJ in you! And Michael's pretty classy. Well, actually, Michael is Michael. You don't say 'classy', you just say 'Michael'. He is the king.



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