virgil abloh and heron preston stop by tom sachs's art bodega to distribute their new zine

Abloh and Preston's latest NYC creation is printed, one by one, from an ATM — genius.

by Laura Vogel
06 February 2016, 10:30pm

Photography Nabile Quenum

Artist Tom Sachs is constantly reaching for the upper limits of creativity — be it outer space or a bodega in Manhattan. Indeed, this New York-based artist has set up shop inside a corner shop at 241 Centre Street in New York City. And today, Off-White fashion designer Virgil Abloh and artist/designer Preston Heron are in the shop to present thier own work. One of Kanye West's most trusted collaborators, Abloh has created a new zine in collaboration with Preston that visitors can print out their very own copy of on an extremely long ATM receipt in the bodega.

Yesterday on his Instagram feed, Abloh posted, "Tomorrow 3-5 pm @heronpreston & I releasing a special-edition zine titled 'ATM MAG Issue #5' chronicling the 12 years we've know each other and the creative products that have come from it. Published by @bodega245."

Heron Preston talking to the cash at the bodega, image @heronpreston.

There is clearly a lot of love from Abloh towards Sachs as an artist. Indeed, recently on his blog, The Brilliance, he praises Sachs as a "personal favorite." In the art clubhouse that is 241 Centre Street, the work of these two creative minds meld and overlap perfectly.

Though the bodega opened in November, as Sachs announced on his Tumbler page, it is really picking up steam and drawing crowds of in-the-know downtowners and art fans (who have taken to Instagram to spread the word). 

So what exactly does this art bodega serve up? On his Tumblr, Sachs writes: 

The Bodega is now open
Come to 241 Centre street for

-Express tea ceremony
-swiss passport $20 no questions asked
-candy and zines
- Exclusive team apparel
- mescal
-toast and granola
-rap music

In addition to all of the above, you can purchase Sachs's Satan Ceramics items, such as T-shirts and lighters, as well as your standard deli snacks like candy bars.

Among the art at the bodega, you can also buy Necco wafers; image @bodega245

If you're lucky enough to nab a membership "passport," you are able to order adult beverages and food (one dessert recently on offer was a Tabletalk mini pie served à la mode).  

Today, Virgil Abloh will be hanging out at 241 all afternoon for the ATM-zine launch. Get yourself there if you can.





Text Laura Vogel
Photography Nabile Quenum

Virgil Abloh
Heron Preston
Tom Sachs
satan ceramics