​m.i.a drops rewear it video ahead of world recycle week

Linking up with H&M to raise awareness of their garment collection initiative.

by Charlotte Gush
11 April 2016, 12:35pm

"We must set the world on a new course. The environmental problem is real," a newscaster announces at the beginning of M.I.A's new video for Rewear It, a track created in partnership with H&M to raise awareness of their garment collection initiative and World Recycling Week, 18 -- 24 April, which coincides with Fashion Revolution Week, an event organised to commemorate the Rana Plaza factory collapse and envision a better fashion industry.

Shot in Senegal, Iceland, Japan, America and around Europe, the video cycles through shots of diverse dancers busting moves around the globe as M.I.A sings, "Regenerate the nation, 'cause this generation, we rewear it," showing her own matrix-style moves on top of a tall pillar of folded fabrics. The video concludes with text explaining that, "95% of all textiles thrown away worldwide could get a second life," promoting H&M's garment collection initiative, which allows shoppers to leave their unwanted clothes at H&M stores so that they can be reused or recycled.

Although H&M have been criticised for their Conscious Collection and annual sustainability report by many who see their fast fashion business to be more indicative of the problem than the solution, M.I.A says we should give them a gold star for their efforts. "I think if they can slowly get around to it, you've got to give them a gold star and a pat on the back, and you've got to be encouraging," she told Vogue. "You can't discourage it and divide them into [labels] who make it in organic, hemp fabric are more righteous and they deserve to be represented, and all high-street brands are evil. I don't think we should build walls like that."



Text Charlotte Gush
Photography courtesy H&M