a tim burton-themed bar is coming to nyc

The Beetle House will open in the East Village later this month. Jump in the line.

by Blair Cannon
22 April 2016, 9:35pm

Soon enough, New Yorkers will be able to drunkenly immerse themselves in the cinematic universe of one of the most prolific and gothic directors. The East Village will be receiving a very special new addition to its bar scene late this month: a watering hole called the Beetle House with "an atmosphere and menu inspired by the works of Tim Burton." The latest project from the owners of Stay Classy (the neighborhood's Will Ferrell-themed bar), the new bar and restaurant will be reservation-only for dinner — although the website mentions a special selection of menu items available for delivery. Naturally, it also provides the disclaimer: "all meat sourced locally from 100% innocent humans captured on the wild streets of NYC," because you wouldn't expect anything less. (Actually, the restaurant will use organic, chemical free meats and vegetarian substitutes, but same difference).

In fact, the menu will consist of "a fusion of American comfort, Latin, Italian, and European dishes," including staples like Edward Burger Hands, Varuca Salted honey garlic wings, Sweeney Beef, and Eggs Skellington. Most important of all are the custom-made poisons, potions, and elixirs, including Beetlejuice, Alice's Cup of Tea, Barnabas Collins, or the Chocolate Factory Martini, garnished with a chocolate bar. So far, the menu sounds amazing and we can't wait to see if the interior will live up to expectation. Until then, you can text (646) 510-4786 for preview reservations or updates on the 308 East 6th Street spot. 


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Photo still from 'Beetlejuice'

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