hedi slimane denies he's setting up his own label

In an unexpected move, Hedi Slimane posted a letter from his legal representative on Twitter to set the record straight on his future plans.

by Charlotte Gush
05 May 2016, 3:36pm

Hedi Slimane has taken the unexpected step of posting a letter from his lawyer Herve Temime on Twitter to dispel rumors that he is planning to launch his own fashion label.

The letter, which is provided in both French and English, opens with a cryptic reference to the statement provided by Kering and Yves Saint Laurent about Slimane's departure from the French maison at the start of April 2016, saying that the designer has followed it "with the utmost interest." Though he hasn't commented on his reasons for leaving, he has appointed Herve Temime to "preserve and defend his rights under his agreements with the Kering Group" -- adding that it is "a mission which is actively being pursued."

Highlighting his vast commercial success at the helm, Hedi thanks his team -- "to whom he will be forever grateful and loyal," the studio, couture house, Angers historical factory and seamstresses, as well as the Fondation Pierre Bergé -- Yves Saint Laurent, which is committed to the conservation and promotion of the work of Yves Saint Laurent internationally.

The letter states that "Hedi Slimane dedicates these four creative and inspiring years to Pierre Bergé" -- Yves' business and life partner, who runs the Fondation Pierre Bergé -- Yves Saint Laurent.

Slimane rubbishes reports that he has visited investors in Paris and Doha to launch a label under his own name. Stating "For the record, Hedi Slimane has never had in the past, let alone now, the intention or desire to launch a brand under his name," the letter also notes that he has never even been to Doha.

No word of the Chanel rumors though, so we can continue to ponder the meaning of Karl Lagerfeld's glittering Cuban tribute.


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