two's company, dean and dan caten discuss brotherly love

It’s been twelve years since the Canadian-born duo founded fashion label Dsquared2, although they’ve been dreaming of clothes for a lot longer. We caught up to talk twin love, true love, and why, really, blood is thicker than water.

by Anders Christian Madsen and Adam Fletcher
28 October 2014, 10:55am

Harry Carr

Double the trouble and double the fun, that's what you get with Dean and Dan Caten. The youngest of nine siblings, identical twins Dean (the naughty one) and Dan (the sensible one) do everything together: they work together, they play together, they even sleep in the same bed. Praised for their refined tailoring and irreverent wit (for their Glastonbury-inspired spring/summer 12 collection they sent models down a runway covered in 4 inches of mud), Dsquared2 was originally conceived as a luxury denim label. Fast forward to today and both their menswear and womenswear collections are firm fixtures at Milan Fashion Week, while their fragrances, sunglasses and leather accessories are coveted by fans the world over. 

What is love?
Well, love is everything and something personal... We mean, there is no single definition! It relates to the way you are and the way you live. It can make feel you good, and at the same time, make you feel down. But it's definitely something that lets you know you're alive!

How would you define brotherly love?
Just look at us... brotherly love is unconditional! It's something you cannot live without.

How is twin love different from other loves?
Twin love is definitely more visceral. We complete and need each other. It's a natural love and you naturally think about the other and his needs. You are like one person.

What's the secret to a good working relationship with a family member?
We know each other deeply and listen to each other. This enables us to give one another space and allows us to make choices that satisfy us both. Actually, we have a good personal balance, and the fact that we are twins - and thus so connected - helps things happen more easily. Being twins is the secret!

Do you always have the same taste?
Basically, yes. Particularly when it concerns fashion issues!

When did you know you loved fashion?
Not to be predictable, but to be honest, we have always known. You see, when we were very young, we loved creating clothes for our sisters, help them with their fashion choices, look at our mum and imagine how we would have dressed her. We just wanted to express ourselves and our creativity with fabrics and colours. Just thinking about fashion made us excited. Because of the degree to which we love fashion, it was never a difficult decision - it was totally natural.

Why do you love fashion?
We love fashion because we love the way it makes us feel happy and entertained!

Is it possible to love clothes?
Sure, we love them! Clothes represent our personality, and to mix that up is fun. Each day you can be different and you can match your clothes according your mood.

Are you currently in love?

How do you know when you're loved?
You just know it. It concerns how you feel and think about someone. You want to stay with him, you smile when you think about him, you desire to always stay with him. As people say, you just feel butterflies in your stomach, that's the way you know you're in love with someone!


Text Anders Christian Madsen
Photography Harry Carr

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