bret easton ellis is making a los angeles cult thriller for tv

The 'American Psycho' author will make his TV directorial debut with 'The Deleted.'

by Charlotte Gush
26 April 2016, 1:27pm

Bret Easton Ellis, Twitter villain and occasional postmodernist author, is bringing his twisted American vision to the small screen, making his TV directorial debut with upcoming series The Deleted.

The storyline will follow the disappearances of three seemingly unconnected Los Angelenos, and the paranoid fixation on their apparent deaths by a group of 20-something escaped cult followers, it is reported by THR.

Though it is not clear if Easton Ellis had anything to do with the writing, the themes could likely mirror the paranoid, sociopathic LA of his cult 1985 novel Less Than Zero, its 2010 sequel Imperial Bedrooms and -- probably -- the novel he has announced for next year, Tranquil Reflections. The latter of which, he writes in a blog post, was inspired by, "...the blood-red Emser tile sign situated on a rooftop at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and Holloway Drive: the view from behind the windshield, an accident, the mystery unfolding, something about the past, about that last year in high school, intimations of a murder disguised as a suicide."

The Deleted is scheduled to go into production this summer and is expected to premiere in early 2017. It will be available on Fullscreen, a new TV on demand subscription service launched today, which is positioned as a more youth-orientated Netflix.


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