why rowan blanchard wants to be more like kanye west

The 'Girl Meets World' star talks confidence, selfies, and why young women often feel guilty about promoting their work.

by i-D Staff and Hannah Ongley
18 April 2016, 5:50pm


Rowan Blanchard's selfie game is excellent, as evidenced by simply glancing at her Instagram feed. On Saturday she posted a photo of herself wearing a pink wig and sparkly tiara with the caption, "This look isn't even FOR anything!!!! I have no where to go tonight and I just got BORED." Other times her photos are taken by her friends and by professional photographers, because she's one of the most famous 14-year-olds in the world. And while there are arguably few people in the world who know more about selfies than teenage girls do, there are arguably few people who get criticized for posting them more than teenage girls do. On the weekend Blanchard went on Emma Gannon's "Ctrl Alt Delete" podcast to talk about why young women often feel so guilty about promoting their own work and image on social media.  

"You do have to apologize for promoting your own work, and that's definitely strange," she acknowledged. "I do find myself being overly careful on social media if I'm posting too much about myself or posting too many pictures of myself. I said that to myself the other day, I was like, 'Rowan, I don't think you should post this picture of yourself because you've already posted like three photos of yourself in a row. Then I was thinking, but it's my page!' I was going on a bunch of guy models' Instagrams and it was literally just pictures of themselves. When girls do that you get all these comments being like, 'You're such a fake self-obsessed person.'"

But it's not just senseless attacks that she struggles with, revealing that "I literally can't take compliments. It makes me so uncomfortable. It's kind of the reason I had to stop reading my mentions and stuff on Twitter." When to comes to confidence, Blanchard doesn't hesitate before naming two people she aspires to be more like: Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West. "I've been studying their work recently, and it's just so innovative and unapologetic, and they're so themselves," she says. "Especially growing up and being a teenage girl. Kendrick has this song called 'i' where he literally just repeats 'I love myself, I love myself' so many times in a row. Kanye West, people call him this egomaniac, but really he's just so confident in himself and I feel like we can all take from that and aspire to be like that."

Touché. Just don't hold your breath for a Rowan Blanchard tweet-rant about Royère polar bear sofas. 


Text Hannah Ongley
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