from christy turlington to game of thrones, five highlights from apple land

A roundup of the most delightful tidbits from Apple’s press conference today.

by Emily Manning
09 March 2015, 10:01pm

This afternoon, Apple presented its latest State of the Union-style rundown of everything its California-based magicians have been cooking up. From Apple Watch updates and super sleek new MacBook to partnerships with Christy Turlington and HBO, Apple's quest for total world domination charges forward. Here's what you need to know:

Apple watch details: Unsurprisingly, Apple Watch was the star of the show. The company's insanely coveted smart device, one they've dubbed their 'most personal ever,' will finally be available for purchase on April 24. Today's conference included a laundry list of all the crazy shit Apple Watch wearers will be able to do with the ultimate gadget, including apps that will let you check into your hotel, pull up your boarding pass, book an Uber, and buy lunch at Whole Foods all from your wrist.

Partnership with Christy Turlington: Of course, some of the Apple Watch's largest selling points are its health and fitness components, which help motivate users to be more active, obtain much more detailed stats and information about their workout routines, and in a total Her move, even send their heartbeat to other Apple Watch wearers. To spotlight these features, Apple partnered with Christy Turlington, who has been using the watch as a training device for the Virgin Money London Marathon. "In the short time I've been using it, I can already see how this is going to be an important part of my life," the super said this afternoon. Starting today, you can even monitor her progress on

HBO Now + Apple TV: Speaking of marathons: nothing brings families, lovers, and friends together like plowing through pints of Ben & Jerry's on a six hour Curb Your Enthusiasm bender. Forget baseball, binge-watching has become America's national pastime. Thanks to Apple TV's new partnership with HBO Now, you won't need a cable or satellite subscription to blow off all your real responsibilities and plow through all four Game of Thrones seasons in 36 hours. Apple even premiered the dragon-filled season 5 trailer during the keynote address. 

A new, environmentally-friendly Macbook: The tried and true laptop came back better than ever at today's event, where Apple unveiled its super sleek new look and environmentally friendly specs. The laptop--now available in gold and space grey in addition to silver--is 24% slimmer, boasts all day battery life, and an all new pressurized trackpad. These changes and more have help make the device the EPA's most energy efficient notebook.

Even the event's website is dope: As usual, Apple even nailed the details of the details. Everything down to the web design used as the conference's live feed was amazing. Live streaming the entire keynote at the top of the page, each point was broken out in its own chronological post complete with more information, videos, and interactive tutorials demonstrating all of the amazing stuff being discussed. 


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