new photographer's gallery exhibition promotes young photography talent

FreshFaced+WildEyed is dedicated to spotlighting the emerging talent coming out of the UK's art schools.

May 15 2015, 3:25pm

Since 2008 FreshFaced+WildEyed has showcased and celebrated the breadth of talent coming out of the UK's art schools. Now entering its seventh year, FreshFaced will bring another 25 photographers and artists to London's Photographer's Gallery. Selected from an open submission, the work represents the incredible talent bursting out of the country's colleges, universities and art courses.

Here's our favourites, get to know the future photography talent…

Francesca Jane Allen

Francesca Jane Allen, Girls! Girls! Girls!, 2011-2015 © Francesca Jane Allen Courtesy of the artist 

William Ashton

William Ashton, Untitled from the series Token Intimacy, 2014 © William Ashton. Courtesy of the artist 

Jonathan Simpson

Jonathan Simpson, I am Fine, 2014 © Jonathan Simpson Courtesy of the artist 

Emma Gruner

Emma Gruner, San Diego, 2013 from the series American Series (2013- ongoing) © Emma Gruner Courtesy of the artist 

Coco Capitan

Coco Capitán, Taka & Kodak from the series Middle Point Between MY HOUSE and China, 2014 © Coco Capitán Courtesy of the artist