finally, naomi campbell is getting her own talk show

As the super stakes claim to her TV throne, we round up fashion’s best talk show moments.

by i-D Staff
28 April 2015, 10:35pm

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Naomi Campbell is absolutely no stranger to television. The super has appeared on countless talk shows (most recently teaching Late Late Show host James Corden how to strut his stuff on the Burberry catwalk), serving as a mentor and producer on British modeling competition The Face, and even delivering Empire's greatest line to date, the soul-crushing "What is a bae?" So it should come as no surprise that Yahoo! Style tapped the legendary super for her own show, announced yesterday with the unveiling of the online network's new slate. I Am Naomi will follow the 12-time i-D cover star as she interviews influential figures and fashion industry insiders alike (fingers crossed she'll be sitting down to chat with her BFF of 22 years, Queen Kate Moss, about that time they snuck into a Nirvana concert.) No details of I Am Naomi's premiere date have been released so, in the meantime, take a look at our favorite fashion talk show moments.

Karl Lagerfeld on Le Grand Journal: Dust off that seventh grade French for Kaiser Karl's primetime appearance on Le Grand Journal back in 2012. Following routine talking points — which included his stack of iPods and Chanel's use of wind turbines on the runway — someone decided it'd be a good idea to turn the topic of conversation to Choupette, his beloved cat that owns an iPad, requires two maids, and earned more than Cara Delevigne last year. Yet instead of letting Uncle Karl wax poetic about his feline friend, Le Grand Journal opted for a truly bizarre impersonation of the $3 million cat. Unsurprisingly, Karl's reaction is the hilarious blend of disgust and stoicism we've come to know and love.

Isaac Mizrahi on Craig Ferguson: We miss Isaac Mizrahi. Remember Unzipped, and the year he made tween Natalie Portman a star? Bless his heart, despite some brand licensing issues, Mizrahi is still hilarious. Isaac deserves to be on a slightly more top-shelf show, although the faux-gay chemistry between the two is quite strong.

Gisele Bundchen on Conan O'Brien: Smart, geeky, American girls all grew up hoping they would get to marry Conan O'Brien one day. So when he invited supermodels to the show there was a lot of jealousy in living rooms from Maryland to Montana. Conan flirting is just the best, and Conan flirting with the world's most beautiful woman is pure gold. How would the world have been different if Gisele had chosen brains over brawn? We can only go down the YouTube rabbit hole and imagine…

Carla Bruni on Eurotrash: We first spotlighted this gem in our Youtube guide to 90s fashion, but it's too good to leave out. Before she became the First Lady of France, supermodel Carla Bruni could be found reading, uh, "educational" excerpts from Hot International Love and Sex Guides on Antoine de Caunes and Jean Paul Gaultier's legendary talk show Eurotrash. While the show also saw spots from Kylie Minogue and Naomi herself, Carla asking "Do you like my titties?" in Spanish remains an unmatched Eurotrash moment.

Tom Ford on Jimmy Kimmel: Fashion designers can only really get on TV once they appear in a rap song. Tom Ford adorably admits to Jimmy Kimmel that he had to go on rap translator to decipher Jay Z's hit song featuring him. Bonus points for Kimmel's rainbow-macrame suit, in which he sewed a little Tom Ford label. Because, after all, fashion is LOLZ!

Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker on Seth Meyers: Last spring, fashion nerds everywhere tuned into Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker's Met Ball recap on the Seth Meyers show. Highlights included: Anna's posture and standard beige slingback Manolos, Sarah Jessica's geekiness and the gentle gossip about the evening's outfits. Fashion folk don't go on late-night TV enough!


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