the sims is even more lgbtq friendly for pride

The video game announces a partnership with the It Gets Better Project.

by Jack Sunnucks
10 June 2019, 9:15pm

Image courtesy of EA

The Sims has long been a video game sanctuary for LGBTQ teens, since it provided a version of what a happy queer life could look life long before TV or film got the memo — your Sims could be in a same-sex or poly relationship and adopt children. So far, so queer (they could also get abducted and impregnated by aliens, but that’s somewhat off-topic). Well, alongside an announcement that your Sims can now move to a desert island (queer!), this weekend Electronic Arts announced a new partnership with the It Gets Better Project, a non-profit organization and global movement to provide hope and encouragement to LGBTQ+ youth. From June 18, players will be able to access exclusive It Gets Better and pride in-game clothing in The Sims 4 on PC , The Sims FreePlay and The Sims Mobile, as well as a variety of pride items, including a gender-neutral bathroom door in The Sims 4.

Sure, it would be nice if real-world equality wasn’t under threat, but it’s important for young people to see themselves reflected in culture — even if its on a computer. That’s the aim of the It Gets Better Project, a charity that leverages the power of media to reach and provide critical support and hope to LGBTQ young people around the world. Speaking of representation, the next Sims expansion lets your Sims wear the Moschino X The Sims Capsule Collection and get a part-time job as a fashion photographer — we feel seen.

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