Photos via @mimles

see how ezra miller got his seven eyes for the met

Surreal makeup artist Mimi Choi has documented the 5 hour process on her Instagram.

by Cheryl Santos
08 May 2019, 7:17pm

Photos via @mimles

This article originally appeared on i-D ES.

Undoubtedly, Ezra Miller won the prize for best beauty look at the Met Gala on Monday. The man with the keys to our heart stormed the red carpet with seven eyes adorning his perfectly chiseled face, thanks to makeup artist Mimi Choi. Choi's already well known for her surreal beauty Instagram, where she paints herself in all manner of bizarre ways, from incredibly detailed waves to a simulation of her own fingers coming out of her face. According to The Guardian, the work of the Vancouver-based artist was shown to Miller by his publicist, and they asked Choi to recreate her "kaleidoscopic eyes" for the Gala. “As I was thinking of the theme ‘camp’, I thought multiple eyes that revealed different personalities and alter-egos would be very fitting,” Choi explained.

A few hours ago, Choi put the laborious process of making Miller up on her Instagram. They in fact started at 4am, with "each eye taking about 200 steps and at least 30 minutes." Choi refined the design throughout, tweaking the position of the eyes to best suit Miller's (perfect) face, using acrylic and body paints so that the design stayed on until that evening, when he first ascended the pink carpeted steps of the Met.

"I was excited that he wanted something so bold and from there, we worked together and made minor changes throughout the process to complete the look which he totally rocked," Choi wrote on Instagram.

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