this video of marc jacobs learning to drive in pink sweats is everything

The designer takes us for a spin in a Home Depot parking lot.

by Nicole DeMarco
23 July 2019, 9:48pm

Photo via YouTube.

The current internet landscape is so rife with YouTuber drama and influencer feuds, that we often find ourselves looking for a good old fashioned distraction. And for that we look to none other than the Marc Jacobs, who has suddenly decided to roll up in a bright orange bucket hat and join the ranks of our favorite celebrity vloggers. A video was posted to the official Marc Jacobs YouTube account today showing the designer learning how to drive in a Home Depot parking lot in Greenwich, CT. Because well, where else does one learn?

“All aboard,” Marc says, as he slides into the front seat of an Audi for his first-ever driving lesson. Nick a.k.a. the man behind the camera instructs him to put his foot on the break, check his surroundings, and to position his hands on the wheel at ten and two. “No they’re supposed to be at nine and three now,” Marc explains. “Instagram people say nine and three.” The designer, who is also wearing a pair of orange-tinted sunglasses and two different pink sweatshirts tied around his body (one casually around his neck and the other cinching his waist, obviously), takes us on a little joy ride and then to the Porsche dealership to purchase his first car. Watch the fully hilarious video below.

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