this twitter thread might be hinting at a fenty fragrance by rihanna

No matter the scent, it's bound to smell like money.

by Jack Sunnucks
25 July 2019, 10:00am

On Monday, Twitter user @thickannawhore posted “rihanna smells fucking good (a thread),” which compiles found clips from celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Lil Nas X, and, errm, Nigella Lawson, who all seem to be in agreement about one thing: that Ri is in fact the best smelling woman this planet has ever produced. Obviously, our first thought upon reading these detailed musings was “How do we smell like Rihanna?” While wearing our oversize Fenty shades, slathered in Fenty Beauty, listening to “If It’s Lovin’ That You Want” at top volume and wishing we hadn’t worn Savage X Fenty to the office (a high rise lace thong does not lend itself to sitting at a desk all day).

We can't really tell if @thickannawhore's thread, with its 13.4K retweets, is in fact a marketing ploy for Ri’s first fragrance. Which could just be wishful thinking on our part — we will drain every bottle of fragrance in our houses (one room apartments) if it means that we can replace them with one single bottle of Fenty. For what would it smell like? A glass of red wine carried in heels over a New York City grate? Smoking weed on a beach? Money? The mind boggles. We await with noses wide open for Fenty: the Fragrance.

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