watch a video for björk’s new song about having a cyberspace crush

“Is this excess texting a blessing? Two music nerds obsessing”.

by Georgie Wright
15 November 2017, 12:52pm

Björk, queen of Iceland and the world, frankly, has just released a brand new song for you to close your eyes and dream about floating around a shimmering pixelated cyberspace with your lover to.

It’s called Blissing Me and it is very blissful indeed, and features, as one might expect from a song with such a name, Björk’s ethereal vocals and a harp. Classic harps meet noughties internet crush vibe -- think sharing a mutual love with someone you fancy of some obscure genre and trading tunes with said crush on MSN. Seriously though, cop a look:

“Is this excess texting a blessing?
Two music nerds obsessing

He reminds me of the love in me
I'm celebrating on a viral sea
Sending each other MP3s
Falling in love to a song”

Well, she did call this her Tinder album after all. There’s also an equally heavenly video, where Björk is dressed like the gold embossed goddess she is, and moving about an endless fluorescent white space -- presumably the glaring blankness of a Google doc she’s about to journal all her turbulent emotions on to.

blissing me