Jimi Somewhere’s ambitious debut album and all the best new music

The only playlist you need this week.

by Frankie Dunn
05 February 2021, 3:06pm

In many ways, Jimi Somewhere has come a long way since I saw him perform a lowkey set at Bergen’s Vill Vill Vest back in 2017. He was still in high school then, and had no official releases to his name but a whole lot of creative energy. In the four years since, he’s shared his Ponyboy EP — inspired by Francis Ford Coppola’s The Outsiders — worked extensively in LA, and recorded his debut album, Nothing Gold Can Stay, which is out now. In other ways though, Jimi is that same old Norwegian kid — he’s still collaborating with Milo Orchis, his producer and best friend since eighth grade, and he can be relied on to write the great, relatable coming-of-age music he had already begun creating back then.

Nothing Gold Can Stay is about friends, family, love, heartbreak, faith, doubt and everything in between. Occupying that awkward space between your teenage years and settling into adulthood, Jimi finds himself on a record that spans hip-hop, bedroom pop and emo. It’s an impressive debut and it opens this week’s i-D playlist. You’ll also find Priya Ragu’s second single “Chicken Lemon Rice” on there, whose video we’re premiering today; as well as a seriously good surprise collab between Oscar Scheller and Katie Gavin of MUNA on “I’m Enough”. 

Then there’s Lauren Auder’s emotional “Heathen” — apparently her favourite song she's ever worked on. “It's about longing for a test run before life proper,” she says. “Learning to accept that all we get is a 9-month bomb shelter before you're very much in the world.” Where is the lie? Produced by Clams Casino and Dviance, it’s taken from her forthcoming EP 5 Songs For The Dysphoric, which comes complete with guest vocals from Celeste
With Pussy Riot’s Masha Alekhina facing up to two years in jail for attending protests in support of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, the group have released new single “RAGE” and dedicated it to their country’s political prisoners. It closes this week’s playlist with a serious, furious message. “Imagine that Trump stayed in the office for the 2nd time and he jailed AOC and her supporters…” Nadya Tolokonnikova says of the current situation with Navalny. “What's happening in Russia is outrageous and unacceptable. Putin must go. He's one insane, sad, lonely and corrupt man who is dangerous for society.” Something we can all get behind, I’m sure.

All of that plus new music from Cardi B, Julien Baker, Tkay Maidza x Yung Baby Tate, Delilah Montagu, Flyte, Silv-o, Mizuki Ohira, Iglooghost and a whole damn album from Hayley Williams. Enjoy.

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