Shia LaBeouf has written a movie about Kevin Abstract

The musician is rumoured to be the inspiration behind Labeouf’s latest script, 'Minor Modification'

by Chekii Harling
22 January 2020, 5:16pm

Photography Mario Sorrenti

The Black List, a monthly subscription service intended as a platform for writers and filmmakers to meet has got its hands on Shia LaBeouf’s most recent script, and it sounds like a doozy (we wouldn't have expected anything less).

The work is said to be loosely based on the life of rapper and i-D cover star Kevin Abstract. In 2009 LaBeouf, keen to make a movie about a rapper had attempted a biopic about the indie rapper Cage, but this never materialised. Now, just 11 years (!) later, it seems the project has come to fruition at last.

While not much is known just yet about the project, LaBeouf’s latest screenplay is being described as “biographical fiction”. It follows a Texas teen as he struggles with identity, finding meaningful relationships, sexual fluidity and his direction in life.

The pairing feels natural -- Kevin has previously described Shia as both his “hero” and his “idol” and the pair even have weekly group therapy sessions together on Fridays. The duo also teamed up to work on Kevin's cover of i-D's The Post Truth Truth Issue, released last year. Shia, interviewing Kevin for the feature, revealed his love for the rapper, beginning their conversation with gushing praise. "Let me preface this by saying I’m so fucking honoured to be a part of this shit," Shia said. "You are a huge chunk of my joy in my life as of late."

If the successes of both Honey Boy and Arizona Baby are anything to go by, this sounds like a match made in heaven. We can't wait to see who plays Kevin!

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Kevin Abstract