Gossip Girl’s OG costume designer is returning for the reboot

Blair’s headband collection rises again!

by Roisin Lanigan
01 May 2020, 9:54am

Not a lot of good news in the world at the minute, so we’re well and truly taking what we can get. For example, today’s glimmer of hope and humanity: Eric Daman, the original costume designer on Gossip Girl, has officially signed on to reprise his role in the upcoming reboot.

Just as New York was the fifth character on Sex And The City and Centra was the third character in Normal People, so too was fashion the extra character in Gossip Girl. It just wouldn’t have been the same show without Blair’s headbands, school uniforms which for some reason included over-the-knee argyle socks, Chuck’s series one fedoras or Serena’s constant tank tops.

So it makes sense that Eric will be imparting those same ridiculous, OTT sartorial standards to the Upper East Side’s new generation as the 2007 show comes back to HBO Max. Tavi Gevinson has already signed on to star in the reboot, which showrunners have promised will be “more queer”, but presumably still as ridiculous and wonderful. Remember when Serena confessed to Blair that she killed a guy at the end of season one? And it was never revisited? Iconic!

“OMGG I am sooo thrilled to be a part of the new GG Generation,” Eric told Teen Vogue, in suitably Gossip Girl fashion. "It has been incredible to see the youth of today discovering and binging GG during these times!! Very excited to delight and inspire all of the GG Fans, new and OG, with some delicious, trendsetting fashions for this new era! Can’t Wait!! XoXo, E."

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