Hallelujah! Instagram is trialling desktop DMs

Get ready to direct message on work's dime

by Roisin Lanigan
16 January 2020, 11:19am

There has never been a greater tool for making yourself look busy than the advent of Instagram desktop. Look, it’s me! I’m typing away at my computer, scrolling and furrowing my brows! Bet you think I’m working, well I’m not! I’m just looking at pictures of famous dogs on Instagram!

The one flaw in the whole desktop IG set up is its inability to send and receive DMs. How are we expected to send the pictures of the famous dogs to each other without the ability to DM? Until now, the platform has expected us to go to the trouble of opening our phones, unlocking them, locating the same content and hitting send on there if we want to carry out this function. Honestly it’s been exhausting. Thankfully that struggle might soon end, with today’s news that Instagram are trialling a desktop DM feature.

Vishal Shah, Instagram’s head of product, tweeted yesterday that the decision was testament that the platform was listening to user feedback. “We are testing something we consistently hear from power users of Instagram Direct: access via desktop web!” he wrote.

While not much is known about when the feature will roll out to all users (and whether it will roll out to all users at all), Instagram confirmed to BuzzFeed News that it was currently testing the feature with a “small group”. They also confirmed they had no timeline for implementation yet. But small steps. We stan progress.