We implore you to watch the trailer for Netflix’s Next in Fashion

Winter Love Island? I don't know her.

by Roisin Lanigan
15 January 2020, 3:49pm

There’s nothing good to do in January. Nobody’s boozing and everyone’s skint, and that’s why it’s a month filled with great TV. Case in point: This batshit trailer for Netflix’s latest fashion reality show offering, Next in Fashion.

Featuring Queer Eye’s fashion guru Tan France and Alexa Chung off of Channel 4, the show premieres 29 January. Which means you have just a couple of weeks to wait until you’re like “Project Runway who? Heidi Klum I don’t know her?”

Over 10 episodes Next in Fashion will pit eighteen designers from around the world against each other. The contestants, who have experience dressing celebrities and working with major fashion houses, will compete against each other in rounds until the winner is announced. The prize is decent as well -- with the victor being awarded $250,000 and the opportunity to debut a collection with Net-a-Porter.

The show is Netflix’s first foray into original fashion programming, although its previously hosted iconic fashion documentaries like The First Monday in May(an in-depth look at the Met Gala). If the chaotic energy of the trailer is anything to go by though, it’s the beginning of a beautiful new era for the streaming giant.

In it we see Tan and Alexa welcome the designers to their new home -- an extremely glossy airplane hanger filled with work stations. They also pose against a futuristic metallic wavy wall and say inexplicable sentences like "Big No is Blah" and "slutty, but not illegal." We’re into it.

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