This is the world’s first augmented reality T-shirt

Totally redefining the ‘statement piece’.

by Jenna Mahale
18 December 2019, 5:09pm

Images courtesy of Carlings

“How sustainable is it to buy a new garment every time you want to express a new opinion?” This is the question that powered the concept behind "The Last Statement T-shirt", a product tailor-made for the age of digital fashion and political dissent.

With just a will and a tap, the wearer can digitally superimpose different graphics on to the garment, with over one hundred designs (and counting) centred around social and environmental justice to choose from. The idea is a nice one: flex on Instagram while amplifying important messages and statements of belief. It’s a damn sight better than trying to take pics in a security-tagged Pretty Little Thing dress that you’ll try and return after the upload.

The shirt was created by Carlings, a Scandanavian fashion retailer best known for making the first ever fashion collection consisting entirely of digital clothing. Carlings uses Spark AR technology, which powers the augmented reality features you can find on Instagram and Facebook. The software works through a logo on the tee that acts as a tracking point for the design, the same way your face does when you’re using an IG filter.


It’s a one-two punch: with its chameleon ability, the shirt reduces the wearer’s own fashion consumption, and at the same time promotes saving the planet through its shareable designs. And if that wasn’t enough, 25% of the proceeds from the shirt will go to WaterAid. A very green Christmas stocking filler indeed!

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