Are we getting one more episode of Netflix’s Tiger King?

According to Jeff Lowe - yes!

by Roisin Lanigan
06 April 2020, 10:11am

Mad to think that a couple of weeks ago, most of us had no idea who Joe Exotic was, and now we can’t do anything without wondering what he might be up to right now. If you, like us, haven’t been able to stop obsessing over the sheer weirdness of the Tiger King’s life and incarceration since bingewatching the eponymous Netflix show, then we have some tentative good news for you today -- and no, it has nothing to do with coronavirus!

According to Joe’s one-time business partner and later nemesis Jeff Lowe, we’re being gifted one more episode of the Tiger King. Jeff tweeted the announcement in a short video featuring his equally-chaotically-vibed wife over the weekend. He claims that the final episode will air next week after filming yesterday (Sunday 5).

Here’s the one caveat: Netflix hasn’t actually confirmed Jeff’s claim yet. And given that, due to coronavirus and social distancing rules, filming and releases for any new media around the world has ground to a halt, we’re a little skeptical. On the other hand, if anyone would flout social distancing to continue their own incredible side-show it’s the cast of Tiger King, so who knows! For now, we’re cautiously optimistic.

And if you’re still pining for more Joe Exotic content in the meantime, you’re in luck! Louis Theroux reminded everyone over the weekend that he had already filmed a show with the Tiger King, all the way back in 2011. You can check that out -- part of Louis’s BBC America doc entitled World’s Most Dangerous Pets -- on iPlayer now. You’re welcome!

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