Photography Ryan Razon

What your March 2021 looked like

From La Réunion to Lagos, Saudi Arabia to Skopje, here's part one of your snapshot of the world from last month.

by Ryan White
01 April 2021, 6:45am

Photography Ryan Razon

i-D closed out 2020 with My Year in a Photo, a 12-month retrospective that brought in hundreds of incredible submissions from all over the world. We enjoyed it so much that from now on, we’ll be running it as a regular feature. At the end of each month, we’ll open our inbox to photographs from anyone and everyone — just email

This month we received almost 1000 submissions. And, as you can probably glean from the length of this article, we really struggled to cut this down (keep an eye out for part two tomorrow). For anyone whose images did not make the cut this month, please do keep sending us your photography, as we’ve been overwhelmed by the quality of the submissions and want to keep sharing as much of it as possible.

a burning effigy that represents coronavirus during a traditional russian holiday called 'Maslenitsa'

Yulia Sverchkova, 32, Moscow, Russia

“This picture was taken on 13 March in the Nikola Lenivets ‘art-park’ in the Kaluga suburbs. This is a traditional Russian holiday called ‘Maslenitsa’ [an end-of-winter festival that combines elements of folk and religious traditions]. This year the theme was ‘Maslenitsa-Vaccination’ so a ‘palace of a Covid-cannibal’ was burned to celebrate spring and to accelerate the end of the pandemic!”

two nigerian men fight with painted marks on their skin as a group of men cheer and shout around them

Wale Adebisi, 24, Lagos, Nigera

“The current stage of unemployment in Nigeria has reorientated the youth to think outside the box and has heightened our level of creativity.”

blurry people dancing to music covered in neon blue light

Isabela Vassiliou, 22, Melbourne, Australia

“This photo means a lot as it was the first gig my friend’s band did after Covid. I was taking photos of the band but couldn’t help but get some snaps of my friends all together laughing and dancing. It really is special to be together again.” 

a young boy in a barbers chair as an older man cuts his hair

Olajuwon Scott, 24, Trinidad and Tobago 

“This photo represent a memory that I have of childhood. Going to my uncle’s barber shop for a fresh haircut before the new school week starts.”

A laughing man holds a cigarette up to the bear illustrated on his t-shirt

Rich Fazo, 27, New York, USA

“Chris letting the polo bear hit his blunt.”

the image is rotated 90 degrees, a woman stands in a field on the island of la reunion

Mira Ramaherilanja, 27, La Réunion

"We're still unfortunately, even in a tiny island, wearing a mask and distancing ourselves. But nature is the best way to take a breath from it all.”

a man sits on a motorbike on the side of the road, covered in red light

Pedro Flutt, 32, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Red to go."

a group of men dancing in the street

Ian Nnyanzi, 25, Kampala, Uganda

“Community youth dance classes in Kitintale, a suburban area in Kampala Uganda. Organised by Banakibuga Street Minds.”

a young man dances in a bedroom with paintings on the walls

Skye Evelyn Matthew, 19, London, UK

“This is an image of Hugo dancing in his room shot on 35mm. This project is dedicated to documenting this period of my life — to myself and the people I encounter through the nurture of my practice. I’ve met most of the people close to me through photography, and I trust this medium will continue to draw me to those who love to share their stories and perspectives.”

purple and green leeks laid out on display

Amelia Paige, 20, New York, USA

“This photo is from the first day of spring. I celebrated the sun coming out by going to a farmer’s market and treating myself to fresh produce and the warmth of the day. I’m going to title the image ‘Winter’s End’.”

a man sits on the floor, reflected back in the mirror, taking a photo of a woman in a shirt and lycra shorts standing above him

Frankie Perez, 32, Montreal, Canada

"Here's a photograph of Lyn and myself taken earlier in March, a month when I've just started attempting to get the hang of balancing being a new parent to my three-month-old, and creating new images at the same time."

a tall man with short hair looks down at a woman with pink hair and a bright red coat in an apartment hallway

Ryan Razon, 27, New York, USA

“The only thing more exciting about springtime is young love in a city that never sleeps.”

a man pulls off a white t-shirt in front of a light blue sky

Abdulaziz Malaikah, 21, Khobar, Saudi Arabia

“Interested with the concept of identity and transformation, this photograph explores the relationship between change and man.” 

a photo of an man sat at a table with his head resting on his hand and a woman sweeping the floor next to him

Tyler Chan, 19, New York, USA

"I used to associate the month of March with my birthday. But now, I'll forever recognize it as the month when coronavirus came and changed life. It's officially been a year.”

a man's reflection in a small mirror as he ties a turban on his head

Gulbahaar Kaur, 21, India

“My father tying a turban around his head. It takes courage to perform and own a certain part of one’s identity so openly each day and hence most of us dress to blend.”

a boy with down syndrome plays with toys

Raphael Gaultier, 24, Seattle, USA

“My older brother Lucas has Down syndrome and epilepsy, and I've been spending more time with him this past month to help my parents take care of him. Lucas spends his whole life inside, whether it's playing with toys, sleeping or eating. He finds joy in simple things despite his circumstances, which in turn has helped me appreciate the little things we can cherish in the face of a year spent alone inside.”

five men in masks stand around an orange terracotta staircase

Berrak Damlacik, 30, île de Gorée, Dakar

“Travelling, joining collective experiences and posing during late Covid times in Africa.”

a woman with bleached eyebrows and petals over her nails and lips

Anouk Brouwer, 25, Tokyo, Japan

“This month’s photo has the title of ‘Transformation’. Transforming into a new self, shedding skin and loosing judgment of myself and other people. I learned that the same lessons repeatedly are presented in front of one, and when one learns, one can truly transform.”

lots of chairs scattered randomly across a tiled floor that looks like an empty swimming pool, two people sit right at the back

Tamas Cseke, 22, Budapest, Hungary

“This image is about emptiness, about the lack of any impulses. They wait for something, they wait for their own Godot, who never comes. Our life in Covid.”

a girl with freckles, bleached eyebrows and thick black curly hair stares into the camera

Tamara Chapman, 23, New York, USA

“I've spent the month of March embracing image-making as my personal practice and using my lens to capture intimate moments shared with loved ones.”


Karla Fotevski, 22, Skopje, North Macedonia

“The window sign reads ‘I SEE U’. I've never felt completely free around anyone. I finally found people who I let ‘SEE ME’. It's a new feeling.”

people ice skating and playing hockey on a frozen lake, with frees and small fires in the background

Elisabeth Liisberg, 22, Oslo, Norway

“When corona hit about a year ago, I decided I needed a hobby. I was lucky enough to purchase a Contax t3 from the famous photographer @olav. This was taken in March. Moments like this mean home and freedom.”

a house with a tree in front of it covered in just bloomed white petals

Ji-Hyun Kang, 26, Republic of Korea

“This picture was taken on March 28 at a place called Gyeongju in Korea. I didn't think spring would come because of Covid-19. And the news of hate crimes against Asians has led to a longer night. However, the wide-open magnolia petals seemed to signal to us that spring has finally arrived.”

a person with long hair lying down on some wallpaper wearing a sparkly mesh vest

Rosie Foster, 31, London, UK

“This image is from a series of new work I’ve been producing since moving back to London after eight years away working on a different career. I wanted to explore gender fluidity, so I met Sonny at their nan’s house and we played around with some bits from Frances O.”

a woman takes a selfie in a mirror on a table that is surrounded by different plants, bottles, candle sticks and food

Atash Aghamoradi, 19, Heidelberg, Germany

“The Iranian new year starts with the official first day of spring. It is usually a family-packed day with long standing traditions, such as this ensemble (haft seen) where each placed item represents something you want to take with you into the next year. This year we could only spend the day with immediate family, which made every ritual so much more personal. We experienced a nuance of intimacy and humility that we have never been able to feel on this day before.”

a woman dries her hair with a towel

Tuyara Mordosova, 31, Moscow, Russia

“I got vaccinated in January. My mom got vaccinated in February. We hadn't been seen each other for over a year. She visited me in March. Two complete weeks together.”

yellow flowers blooming on a tree against a blue sky backdrop

Gustav Jacques, 22, Brazil

“I think the yellow flower brings to me a feeling of hope. In Brazil, the pandemic situation is really bad and our government is not giving a damn. Families are being evicted from their homes, parents are losing their jobs. We have to look our for each other. Spread love. Ask your neighbour if they need anything.”

a poster of two celebrities - the one on the right is visibly amanda byrnes - the other has been ripped away

Jelani Todd, 21, Atlanta, USA

“I’m not sure if this image means anything directly but I think it definitely confronts ideologies surrounding beauty in our society.”

three people stood on the beach in the sun, each wearing white vest tops

Chai Saeidi, 23, Oslo, Norway

“All my life I've wanted to find my fellow queer minorities in this tiny city. It took some time, but I finally did. And I love the family we've started to build and the safety and warmth within. This is an ode to all of us. We'll dance under the sun again.”

a yellow chain holds two metal fences together, making the form of a heart

Will Creswick, 25, Newcastle, UK

“This photo demonstrates our ability to adapt in the toughest of spaces, and how despite our pillars of difference we all have one thing in common. Red for love, yellow for hope.”

fishermen on a nigerian beach bringing in a large catch via a long rope, taken aerial view from a drone

Awe Olusola, 24, Lagos, Nigeria

“A group of fishermen in Eleko, Lagos, drawing their large catch from the Atlantic Ocean. Community. [Taken via drone]”

riot police holding up transparent shields

Jodi Rogers, Bristol, UK

“At the ‘kill the bill’ protest just after it all kicked off outside the police station.”

a man sits on a chair that reclines over a swimming pool, unclear as how the chair does this

Matt Stejbach, 21, Florida, USA

“March for me was all about detoxing from the chaos of the past 365 days. Sunshine and friendship is the main priority.” 

a black-and-white image of blurry lights and people walking at night

Ava Perman, 20, New York, USA

“This month has consistently reminded me to trust my gut, follow my intuition, and always try to be present in the moment. I've learned that vulnerability and intimacy of all forms can be overwhelming and sometimes terrifying, but what's scarier is the thought of letting that fear control you.” 

a man and a woman covered in paint touch each other

Sol Bela, 24, Barcelona, Spain

“1+1 is equal / i love it when we see fours / over and over in sequals / 1+1 made 1 / the beauty of creation / and evidence of infinite / love / i remember everything you dream off. By Kiala Kanzi and Selassie”

a young man in a plaid shirt, black jacket and blue jeans holds a flag with one of their own photographs on it flying outside the rockefeller centre

Elianel Clinton, 25, New Jersey, USA

“I got the chance to check out my image that was selected by Aperture Foundation to be apart of Rockefeller's ‘Flag Project’, flying high alongside 83 other photographers work. With Giovanni Melton’s story in mind, I set out to create a photographic fashion essay specifically for the queer youth of today: a visual message of hope and hardship, something to inspire them to be themselves and to be proud of who they are, a message letting them know that they are not alone in this world and that many others share similar experiences with them.” 

a man wearing a face mask sits in front on an airplane window with a deep blue and red sunset

Natalia Porter, 25, Guadalajara, Mexico

“I took this image on March 7, on a flight to Monterrey, Mexico. I was on a trip by myself to see family members I hadn’t seen for a long time. This trip was quiet, dark and most of all confusing. My family from Monterrey is very conservative and rich. I was nervous because after six years of not seeing them, I am now traveling as a queer and tatted person. This image is a reflection of what seemed to be a quiet moment, but a revolting mind.” 

a security guard in a suit skateboards in front of a sign that points towards the house of european history

Toan Nguyen, 20, Brussels, Belgium

“I feel like this picture is a good representation of the mindset of a lot of people during March: we want to be free again. A bank employee trying to skate, kinda looks like he tries to escape his routine…”

a grey cat with yellow eyes stares at something inside a tower block of flats

Summer Huang, 19, Guangxi, China 

“The first good photo on my new phone.”

a girl in a ballet outfit hangs her arms and head down

Yuri Watanabe, 16, London

“I took this image of a wonderful friend of mine who is currently studying at the Royal Ballet School, and I wanted to use the medium of dance to convey the exhaustion we have all been feeling throughout 2020 and 2021. I took this on black-and-white film and developed and scanned the film myself.”

a man in a red jacket looking up at a pink and blue sky

Patrick Coyle, 22, Dublin, Ireland

“Things are looking brighter after this month. I went on walks with my best friend Morgan a lot in March. Explored the hills around Dublin and fell in love with my area.” 

a woman in a red dress stands in a doorway

Karl-hens Pompilus, 22, New York, USA

“This single photo represents new beginnings and stability within my work that I’ve been searching for a while now. Believing in my own work and knowing my worth as a black photographer is my mantra for all of 2021.”

a door with graffiti and red paint splattered, probably to look like blood

Natalia G., 19, Mexico City, Mexico

“Downtown Mexico City, March 8, women’s day protest. In Mexico the police doesn’t protect us, they kill us.”

a girl with pink hair sits against the wall in shadows cast of a sunset

Will Pippin, 21, New York, USA

“After being separated for a year due to Covid, March gave me the time to have a deeper connection to my girl.”

A  field with one lone tree and a person walking across it, in the right hand corner there's a thumb over the lens

Jake Alexander Evans, 16, London, UK

“March was a very lonely time but schools were opening up again and my morning walks were finally back. I feel a lot of happiness right now.”

toys arranged on a washing line hanging across a tree in a garden full of plants

Barna Das, 24, Chittagong, Bangladesh

“This picture is mostly based on focus. If you look closely you can find a bird but at first glance the washed soft toys will be your first focus.”

white t-shirts hang upside down on a washing line, one of them reads 'love' on the label

Alexandra Fernandes, 40, Brazil

“At home, alone, looking for meaning in the routine… but what I find are signs… that the situation is really not good.”

a blurry london underground train pulling into the station, in front of a sign that reads '2021 a fresh start'

Rudy Hayes, 15, London, UK

“It was a little blurry…”


All images courtesy the artist

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