Timothée Chalamet is kissing his fans again

Deranged? Endearing? Who cares! The ‘Dune’ star has clearly missed the Chalabaes.

by Douglas Greenwood
03 September 2021, 1:25pm


Not even two months have passed since Timothée Chalamet -- Oscar nominee, future Wonka, star of many films out in October -- returned to the public eye. After the pandemic scuppered the releases of his Wes Anderson movie The French Dispatch *and* his blockbuster breakout Dune, our king has returned to the red carpets. While he turned heads with his trompe l’oeil suit in Cannes, he’s now causing scenes by kissing fans through glass at Venice Film Festival, where he rocked up yesterday ahead of Dune’s world premiere tonight.

In a clip recorded by fans and posted on social media earlier, we saw Timmy enter the press conference for the film today, seeing a legion of fans pressed up against the glass who wanted to say hello. Joined by Zendaya (queen), he ran up to the fans and pressed himself up against the door, as if he were on show in some sort of stan zoo, and showed his appreciation by planting a few kisses on the glass panel. Coronavirus ended right here.

It’s not the first time Timmy’s got lippy in Venice. Die-hards will remember the premiere for The King back in 2019, when TC noticed a fan’s tattoo in the crowd and planted a kiss on it. “It was completely unexpected!” the stan, named Giorgia, told us at the time. “As soon as I saw him reach for my arm and kiss it, my first reaction was to caress his head. His was such a spontaneous, sweet and loving action that it made my heart melt!”

Elsewhere, other fans have also spotted Timothée and Zendaya backstage and have grabbed the pair for selfies, expressing their excitement at the events to come.

Timothée Chalamet has only just arrived in Venice, with almost the entire Dune cast and its director, Denis Villeneuve, in attendance on the Lido tonight. After that? It’s a quick jet off to New York City for this year’s Met Gala. Then, Dune will have a screening at New York Film Festival before being released globally on 21 October -- the same day as The French Dispatch! Expect more iconic fashion and fan kisses to come.

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