lil peep's fans will be invited to design pieces for his posthumous clothing collection

And all the other news you need to know today.

by Roisin Lanigan
18 July 2018, 11:00am

Who has time to keep up with everything in this fast-paced world? Not me! Not you! Well you’re in luck, because we’ve condensed all the important stuff on the internet down to the need to know basics and cut out all the stuff that’s too boring. You can read all about Chance The Rapper’s album, Lil Peep’s clothing line, Ariana Grande and Troye Sivan’s video, Pussy Riot’s arrest and high heeled crocs. You, are, welcome.

Emergency contraception will now be made available at festivals
How is this not a thing already? This summer, travelling pharmacy The Medicine Man will be on hand to give out a range of emergency contraception, including the morning-after pill, without a prescription at festivals across the UK, including Bestival, Rize and Leeds Festival. About time, tbh.

Okay, it turns out Chance The Rapper is not releasing an album this week after all
What is real? What is true? The internet is full of fallacies and reports that Chance has new music coming out this week is apparently one of them. He is in the studio though, so at least that’s something.

But don’t worry too much, here is Ariana Grande and Troye Sivan teasing a new music video
Our hump day is saved!

Louis Theroux has created a collection of his favourite documentaries on BBC iPlayer
Look, Love Island ends this month and you need something to binge watch. From a 1975 film about an 11-year-old arsonist to a 2016 documentary on life on death row, the collection includes seven carefully curated films which all go live together on iPlayer. Louis has come through for us all.

Cynthia Nixon attacks Governor Cuomo’s questionable at best political track record on abortion
This week Governor Cuomo released a series of digital ads taking aim at Republican lawmakers who have failed to adequately protect abortion rights or push through the Reproductive Health Act, a bill that would protect abortion rights through state law. But it’s too little too late, according to favourite-SATC member turned renegade politician Cynthia Nixon. “He had two terms to get this legislation through and he never made it a priority”, a spokesperson for the Nixon campaign told Broadly. “Now in an election year when this is a hot topic, he’s trying to present himself as a champion of women’s rights.” Go off, sis.

Pussy Riot have been sentenced to 15 days administrative arrest for their World Cup invasion
The heady excitement and positivity and the football’s coming home chants have all turned into something much more sinister now the World Cup is over, as the four protestors, part of the Pussy Riot collective, who staged a pitch invasion during the Croatia France final this weekend have been sentenced to 15 days in jail. A judge yesterday found their protest, which was calling for the release of political prisoners, the end of illegal detentions at political rallies and more open political competition IRL and online, violated the law on behaviour of sports events spectators. They’ve also been banned from attending sports events for three years.

Fans will be invited to create designs for Lil Peep’s posthumous clothing line
He may have tragically passed away in November 2017, but Lil Peep’s legacy continues to live on through his fan and his clothing line, No Smok!ing. The line, which was originally due to launch in early 2018, was pushed back after Peep’s death, but will now go to production next month to honour his life. Along with selling exclusive merch, the No Smok!ing line will also accept submissions of fan-made apparel to honour his legacy, with fans able to submit their ideas and designs at The from 1 -- 8 August, and receiving a percentage of the profits from their pieces.

These high heeled crocs are sold out and selling on Amazon for four times the price

Sade is working on a new album
So everything is good in the world again!

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