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Featuring Drake on a double decker, Palace winning Wimbledon and hundreds of people dressing up like Kate Bush.

by Georgie Wright
16 July 2018, 11:26am

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France won the World Cup final, Drake jumped on a double decker for his new music video in London and Palace won Wimbledon -- suffice to say it was a very busy weekend. Here's everything you missed while you were expiring in the heatwave and ignoring the fact that football isn't coming home this year.

Beyonce and Jay-Z streamed the World Cup final before their Paris concert

Just as well France won.

Donald Trump and Theresa May's appalling politics pose a threat to the global fashion industry
Business of Fashion reports political turmoil on both sides of the Atlantic is set to hit the fashion industry hard. Trump's imposing major tariffs on Chinese goods, which will impact businesses that outsource production there. Meanwhile, the disintegration of the UK government and complete ineptitude of Brexit negotiations is also going to have an impact. Read more here.

ScarJo has pulled out of playing a trans man in a movie after significant backlash
Congrats Twitter.

Drake's been charging around London in a double decker for his new music video

Celebrities, just like us.

He also just dropped a new freestyle, straight after he "was at Annabel's getting saucy"

Celebrities, not like us.

There's going to be a BBC documentary focusing on Bowie's early years, according to David Bowie news
They report that it's a prequel to previous documentaries Five Years and The Last Five Years.

Angelique Kerber winning Wimbledon was also a big win for Palace
Unfortunately it's all sold out :(

Saturday was 'The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever'
Is it a cult? Is it a slew of auditionees for the next season of The Handmaid's Tale? No, it is hundreds of Kate Bush fans worldwide dressing up in red to recreate the Wuthering Heights video. It's a shame they couldn't sing, "It's me, football, I've come home now," but you can't win 'em all, can you.

Forecast ahead: very sweaty
Did you wipe a thick layer of sweat from your brow with a wad of toilet paper this morning? Have you spent precisely one third of your paycheck on shit iced coffees from Pret because you will die if you do not have a cool ice cube sliding down your gullet? Have you given up?

Good news, folks! We have another week of this on the horizon. If you can't beat it, which you definitely can't, revel in it. Read up on the best menswear lewks for this heat. Listen to a hot and steamy playlist we made you. Find out what your heatwave vibe is according to your starsign, and just remember, you'll miss it when we're plunged back into another eight months of winter.

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