the best fashion moments from the world of wes anderson

Following the release of Wes Anderson’s festive film for H&M, we chart some of the most iconic looks to have strutted through Wes’s world, from 'Rushmore's' geek chic to 'The Royal Tenenbaums's' tidy tracksuits.

by Tish Weinstock
01 December 2016, 7:21pm

Welcome to Wanderson, the weird, colorful, and wonderful world of Wes Anderson, where liberally perfumed lobby boys rule the roost and shark-hunting sailors sail the seas. And that's before we get to the clothing. Indeed, from headbands to head bandages, Peter Pan collars to drawn-on mustaches, Wes and his team are responsible for some of the most iconic looks to have graced the silver screen. Here are a few of our favorites.

Chas, Richie, and Margot Tenenbaum in The Royal Tenenbaums
They say that two's company and three's a crowd. Well, this surely trio of estranged siblings sure know how to dress. From Margot's black eyeliner and bobby pins to Chas's full adidas look (not to mention Richie's signature headband and sunnies) the Tenenbaums are as stylish as feuding families come.

Steve Zissou in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
What could be more stylish than rocking a red beanie, an aquamarine short-sleeved shirt with matching trousers, and personalized adidas kicks? Having the entirety of your submarine crew rocking it all too. Steve Zissou nails synchronized dressing in The Life Aquatic. It's hard to think of a more perfect outfit for finding the shark that ate your friend and destroying it.

Max Fischer in Rushmore
Geek chic has always been a thing, Just ask Enid from Ghostworld, Laney Boggs from She's All That, or even Barb from Stranger Things. Feel like swatting up your look this season? Make like geek chic OG Max Fischer in Rushmore with a heady combo of the following: safety goggles, a bottle-green velvet suit, mustard yellow shirt with matching dickie bow, red beret, navy blazer and, last but not least, braces (the dental kind).

Suzy Bishop in Moonrise Kingdom
Coping with a troubled child can be tough, but when they're as mischievously inclined and prone to adventure as Suzy Bishop, things are much harder. Although her blue eye-shadow, Peter Pan collars, binoculars, high socks, and pink dress might give the impression Suzy is mild-mannered, don't keep your eyes off this New Penzance escapee for a second. 

Zero in The Grand Budapest Hotel
The color of rain (well, according to Prince), purple was the order of the day in The Grand Budapest Hotel. Make like liberally perfumed lobby boy, Zero, with purple britches, a matching coat, and a bell-boy hat. Team with a hand-drawn mustache (it's John Waters-esque, but the devilish director's is the real deal) and you should be good to go. Trop chic!

Natalie Portman in Hotel Chevalier
Buttercup, lemon, amber, flaxen — whatever shade you want to call it, Natalie Portman's yellow dressing gown in Hotel Chevalier will go down in history as one of the chicest night to day looks of all time. Or is it day to night? Big props to her pixie crop, too. 

Francis in Darjeeling Limited
One question: What happened to your head? From geek chic to invalid chic, unlike his fellow Wanderson compatriots, Francis sure got the short end of the sartorial stick. But he actually looks kind of cool. He carries a very stylish Louis Vuitton travel bag, an exquisitely tailored suit, and those bandages give him character. We dig it.

Dignan in Bottle Rocket
With his buzz-cut (no, he's not in the army he just likes short hair) and buttoned-up polo shirts — plus his neutral palette of browns, whites, yellow, and beige — criminal "mastermind" Dignan is an unlikely style icon. But can't you imagine him as the star of one of Al McLellan's beautifully shot campaigns? We sure can.

Foxy in Fantastic Mr. Fox
Mustard yellow corduroy suit, foxy fur, and whiskers. Need we say more?


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