​arca dances sombrely at the scene of a massacre in 'anoche' video

The first video from Arca’s upcoming third album is packed with dark symbolism.

by Charlotte Gush
24 February 2017, 3:24pm

Arca has followed the announcement earlier this week of his eponymous third studio album. Its first track, 'Piel' ('Skin'), and a headlining show at the Roundhouse, were also teased with news of the record's release. Today, we've been treated to its first video. On the funereal "Anoche" ('Last night'), Arca again flexes his beautiful, by turns sultry and fragile singing voice.

In the Jesse Kanda-directed film, Arca tenderly manipulates the hands of a person lying on the floor — soon revealed to be one of many lifeless bodies symbolically strewn around the dark space. Arca wears a tan leather bodice over a white corset, with red gashes visible on his back and thigh as he dances, sombre and sensual, around the scene of an apparent massacre.

Asked in the YouTube comments why there is "so much whiteness" in the video, Arca responded, "We didn't cast specific bodies, all volunteers who were available near London were invited to show up on set and credited in the description as allies."

Tickets for Arca and Jesse Kanda's headlining Roundhouse show on April 28 go on sale today. The album, Arca, is out April 7 on Secretly Canadian / Rough Trade.

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