​beyoncé woke america at 7am to talk about kale?

After promising a big announcement, Queen B just went on about being a Vegan.

by Charlotte Gush
09 June 2015, 12:02am

"This is something I have to share with everyone," Beyoncé enthused in a teaser video released late last night in a tweet by Good Morning America, the US breakfast TV show, to hype her appearance on the programme this morning.

Saying the words with a little frown, seemingly to emphasise her sincerity, Beyoncé appeared to be planning a big announcement. Fans speculated wildly through the night about the contents of the big reveal, with many anticipating it to be a much-rumoured joint album with Jay Z, or a second child.

"Did I miss it? #gmabeyonce" one fan tweeted an hour into the show, but many had already realised there was really nothing to miss: the big reveal was for her vegan diet plan. Beyoncé has been evangelical about trainer Marco Borges's 22-Day Vegan Challenge since first trying it in 2013, and now she is launching a meal delivery service called 22 Days Nutrition with him.

Fans who woke up early for the 7am programme were not amused, but they are amusing. While many tweeted complaining that "that's not news", others switched over to instagram to bombard Queen B's feed with pizza, burger and chips emojis. Before you feel too bad for Bey, remember she's not actually vegan, she just does it sometimes to lose weight.